Ginseng of enterprise of Taiwan machine tool exhibits exhibition of tool of China International machine tool

Published on 2019-07-02

A few days ago, first China (Shandong · Teng Zhou) exhibition of tool of international machine tool kicks off in market of machine tool of Teng Zhou international, share 175 enterprises ginseng to exhibit. Among them, the machine tool enterprise that comes from and other places of Taiwan, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangdong, Liaoning 130. Item on display includes machinery of machine of component of machine tool of general accuracy machine tool, numerical control, function, project, agriculture 5 kinds big more than 1000 breed.
Collaboration of trade of classics of stage of profit from Teng is deepened ceaselessly, industry of machine tool of Teng state city grows swift and violent, actual strength abundant, characteristic is bright, established productivity of garden of mechanical production industry, mechanical industry to promote center and national machine mass to supervise early or late examine center, system of industrial form a complete set is perfect, be named to be ” in China of small machine tool ” . Current, teng state machinery makes an enterprise achieve 752, the product involves machine of machine tool, project to wait for 11 kinds big, more than 1000 breed, produce per year numerical control machine tool 100 thousand are covered, among them medium or small the 80% above that get milling machine crop to hold countrywide total output. Group of machinist estate industry realizes Teng Zhou first half of the year this year advocate business Wu income 36.3 billion yuan.

Be in first China (Shandong · Teng Zhou) during exhibition of tool of international machine tool, teng state city already was decided to be Teng Zhou of exhibition of tool of China International machine tool, China (the whole world) of forum of machine tool height permanent hold the ground.