Part of function of numerical control machine tool develops the problem that faces

Published on 2019-07-02

As our country industrialized process accelerate the development with high speed processing technique, development of estate of component of function of homebred machine tool is far the requirement that cannot satisfy an industry. With abroad photograph comparing is put in serious problem, be like breed degree of little, industrialization level of low, technology is not advanced. However, net of mould of an ancient name for China points out, numerical control machine tool regards industry as the foundation of master and equipment manufacturing industry, its develop quickly, more and more pressing to the demand of component of function of machine tool of homebred numerical control. So, be about to want to expand development of estate of component of function of machine tool of our country numerical control, need to understand its industry to develop the problem that faces first:
The first, core component relies on an entrance in great quantities
The transfer of technology through nearly more than 20 years, digest, absorb, innovation, the development of industry of machine tool of Chinese numerical control makes a person fix eyes upon, the production of component of function of machine tool of homebred numerical control has had certain dimensions. But, according to the data that association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool provides, in recent years our country is world machine tool all the time country of the first consumption and country of the first entrance. But, net of mould of an ancient name for China points out, the backside that machine tool industry grows quickly, a fact that cannot ignore is, our country crucial component is produced still person of be enslaved to be enslaved to, appeared not tall, product lacks profit the situation of core competition ability.
The 2nd, the dimensions of domestic production company is changed diseased
According to statistic, company of production of component of function of our country home is breathtaking on the amount, but go up in dimensions however far average level of short of world. The enterprise that gives priority to development in order to produce part of some kind of function to rise is mixed in level of productivity, craft market demand can suit on use experience, dimensions can be formed on certain level. Often let an user generate doubt in competition, affect its market to develop, in the meantime, its develop ability to also have certain limitation, form well-known trademark hard so.
Still have what take a large number of emerge in large numbers to go out in Jiang Zhe civilian battalion enterprise, can say it is ” civilian look forward to ” . These businesses are main in order to work concentrated model, onefold breed is given priority to. Net of mould of an ancient name for China points out, because competition is intense, its quality with the price the market of machine tool of cheap numerical control in can be being satisfied needs. And produce a part to joint ventures of one part foreign trader or solely invested enterprise the functional component of higher level, but batch is lesser, and the development capacity that did not become independent, make the main body of functional component and main trend hard.
The 3rd, adaptability and satisfy demand of degree of short of market
From the point of the development trend of machine tool of numerical control of current our country, the adaptability of homebred function component and contented degree far the demand of short of market. Net of mould of an ancient name for China expresses, the functional part that at present our country produces is most in order to work concentrated model give priority to, technical content is low, get used to the development speed of machine tool of homebred numerical control and technical requirement hard, especially machine tool of high-grade numerical control. Besides, capacity of development of component of our country function is weaker, rate of new product development is slow, production of need of most function component and foreign joint development, collaboration, joint venture, can assemble only even.
The 4th, industry of menace of devoid hi-tech content is safe
The dependence of the lack of many core technology and crucial component affects the safety of machine tool industry of our country directly. Be like the development as high speed processing technique, traditional main shaft structure already cannot get used to the requirement of high rotate speed, high accuracy more and more. Consequently, the application of technology of main shaft of high speed report on numerical control machine tool is increasingly wide, the discretion of level of technology of homebred report main shaft affects the function of lead plane product and level necessarily. Accordingly, net of mould of an ancient name for China suggests we need consciousness of aggrandizement early-warning job, condense industry wisdom and force, defend industrial safety.