The integrated service ability of market of the high end in promoting enterprise of our country machine tool to face

Published on 2019-07-02

A few days ago, association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool is in for many times on survey and the foundation that prove repeatedly released industry of machine tool tool ” 925 ” working point (try out) (the following abbreviation ” working point ” ) . Among them, the industry is in namely by the target of 3 marks sex that becomes strong greatly for key industry core production domain offers equipment and service respect to gain revolutionary headway, in home market of component of system of machine tool of high-grade numerical control, numerical control, function is had rate is remarkable rise, form famous brand of a batch of worlds and advantage company) put forward to cause industry to pay close attention to extensively.
Grow the problem that face and performance in the light of industry of our country machine tool, the expert puts forward, industry business especially key mainstay business wants ” combine company goal and national strategy self-consciously cheek by jowl rise, assume national liability and industry responsibility actively ” ; wants ” value as close together as the user tie particularly, study deep and master user craft characteristic, become user technology expert hard ” ; wants ” the integrated service capability that promotes the high end in facing the market quickly, finish by simple ‘ the person that commodity is offerred ‘ to ‘ user technology division ‘ the part transforms ” .