Industry of our country machine tool spends technology of component of low form a complete set to lag behind centrally

Published on 2018-03-27

Industry of our country machine tool is spent centrally low, low end fall of battle royal high end, technology of crucial product of component of form a complete set lags behind is the main reason with backward development of numerical control machine tool. Show according to investigating data, place of the our country 5 years ago produces the economy in numerical control machine tool model, intermediate with high-grade than be 70:2 about9:1, homebred and intermediate market of numerical control system is had rate about 20% , system of high-grade numerical control is had rate be less than only 5% , count an import badly.

Current, the country already made machine tool of high-grade numerical control and foundation produce special program, basically mix in the light of our country aerospace, shipping, car generate electricity the demand of machine tool of high-end numerical control of the industry such as equipment, order through encouraging use machine tool of homebred numerical control, in the support on major project the measure such as homebred machine tool encourages machine tool of high-end numerical control to develop; to consider at present domestic and international difference, the entrance replaces a space tremendous.

The main demand of the machine tool comes from the fixed assets investment that makes a trade at downstream equipment. The domain such as equipment of information of machine of facilities of war industry of our country car, aerospace, national defence, shipping, power, orbit transportation equipment, project, mould, electron develops to bring motive force for machine tool industry quickly. In ” 925 ” and longer period, our country will have the industrial structural adjustment of big range and deep administrative levels, this will give a machine tool the industry especially machine tool of high-end numerical control brings tremendous opportunity.

It is early during 915 ” of ” , manufacturing industry of our country equipment gained the success that your person fixes eyes upon. Machine tool industry regards technology of equipment manufacturing industry as the important segment that progress and industry upgrade, overcome all sorts of adverse elements such as concussion of international banking crisis, hold to own innovation and progress of science and technology, level of industry whole technology promotes apparently, develop more quickly smoothly for our country economy made important contribution. Face new condition new job, stress of machine tool industry should have done the work of 4 respects: It is to accelerate industrial structure to optimize upgrade, quality of development of move heavy promotion and benefit; 2 it is to want to take a talent seriously to foster highly, cogent raise; of own innovation ability 3 it is to advance two change confluence, move high level of management of bring up again and product quality; 4 it is consciousness of Wu of promotion quality kimono, increase brand innovation capacity.

The domain of national defence war industry such as the aviation that regards industry of machine tool tool as downstream industry, spaceflight, shipping, enginery, in the near future a paragraph longer even period, will have the structural adjustment of big range and deep administrative levels, while to machine tool tool the industry brings tremendous business chance, the respect waits to also will raise newer, taller requirement in precision, efficiency, dependability, energy-saving environmental protection to product of machine tool tool.

“Our country should center resource and energy development to be industry of new and high aviation with big airlines during 925 ” . In contemporary aviation domain of advanced production technology, have the interdependent concern of tool of craft of apparent ” generation product, generation, generation and equipment ” , this kind of relation decided great aviation to tooling is developed in product of contemporary aviation type and produce medium significant position, from this and those who bring is high-powered, special change, nicety is changed, efficient change, the dependability main characteristic that becomes aviation product to make equipment.

According to survey, build to productivity from the charge of research and development of big airlines early days, put in the market finally to the product again, devoted and overall admiral exceeds 200 billion yuan related. From the point of aviation industry, its investment dimensions will be very giant, be sure to induct many high quality machine tool tool to serve for its, rare development opportunity also was offerred while to machine tool tool the development of the industry posed a challenge.