Group of accessory of Yantai round-the-world machine tool invites industry expert to give lessons

Published on 2019-05-15

2013 January 8 days afternoon, xu Zhengping of minister of department of market of group of tool of Shanghai machine tool’s senior engineer answers of Yantai round-the-world group invite, came to a company get on for all design, craft and salesperson ” the development existing state of affairs of machine tool of domestic and international numerical control ” academic report, the eye of its broad and profound knowledge, original treatise, acumen, earned the person that attend the meeting blast an enthusiastic applause.

Well-known, the development of numerical control machine tool is representing the level of science and technology of a country not only, also leading the development of functional component way at the same time, be called ” industrial master ” . Mr. Xu begins from the ABC of numerical control machine tool, gradually outspread the development direction to machine tool of domestic and international numerical control, final end is powerful nation strong army important safeguard. Among them the method of science and technology of the foremost edge that shunt-wound machine tool, convert establishs the new expression such as machine tool of linkage of car, much axis, future and many video extract to reveal, let a person find everything new and fresh.

Mr. Xu returned round-the-world to Yantai numerical control product to give high opinion, but the participation that he also thinks personnel of Yantai round-the-world technology should be active studies theoretically, the paper is published on relevant technical records, let more people understand ” round-the-world ” the new concept of product of card numerical control. On classroom, the participation that Mr. Xu still lets audience is active is interactive, the difficulty question that raises to audience patience of one by one is solved.

After the meeting, innovation of the concept of Zhang Momou of president of Yantai round-the-world group, general manager’s enthusiastic science and technology that praises Yantai of Xu Gong general is round-the-world, technology introduced to a new height, the development infuse that is a company urge an agent strongly, invite Xu Gong to often come to a company to give lessons for employee.