Shenyang will make component of numerical control of equipment manufacturing industry machine an industry group

Published on 2018-03-27

Recently, shenyang city holds a press conference to announce jointly at big area and group of Shenyang machine tool: Afterwards 2011 general accuracy machine tool after all OEM, shenyang machine tool will come off again annual component of 6.4 billion yuan numerical control machine tool is produced can, with Yu Hong the area makes Shenyang city equipment make component of industrial numerical control machine industrial group hand in hand.

It is reported, cooperate this, mean Yu Hong area to will be born not only component of machine tool of about 30 numerical control creates a company, pull at least change obtain employment of 10 thousand people, more indicating Shenyang machine tool is comprehensive, start company transition thoroughly, transform to contemporary and top-ranking enterprise by pure production company. It is reported, shenyang machine tool will have product of component of numerical control machine tool distributing a packet by function, class, set a system of fixed quotas for grain production to taste craft standard, first consideration this locality has the business of equipment manufacturing industry that produces experience to participate in collaboration, improve quality, reduce cost, drive progress of our region economy.

On two OEM foundation, shenyang machine tool is able to vacate more resource and energy to improve the research and development of numerical control machine tool and engineering capability, expand and promote an enterprise integrated service capability. President of group of Shenyang machine tool closes stannic friend to divulge, the manufacturing base of joint-stock collaboration is about to throw machine of essence of Shenyang machine tool and auspicious of German heart Ma, Japan dark production, with Fuji health collaboration also is intensifying advancing.

2012 1 to in November, shenyang machine tool achieves sales revenue 16.4 billion yuan, crop of machine tool of growth 24%; numerical control 30 thousand, grow 18% . Annual sales revenue amounts to 18 billion yuan, operation jumps first place of house world trade to had done not have be concerned about.

Produce can transfer while, shenyang machine tool by pure manufacturer to comprehensive solution supplier change also be in sadly gradual progress. Guan Xiyou introduces, at present Shenyang machine tool is being applied actively begin finance to rent business, if obtain,approve, shenyang machine tool will become the manufacturing industry company that home begins this professional work first times, develop to drive medium and small businesses, ecbolic and secondhand positive effect arrives since machine tool market.

On the other hand, the area of form a complete set of manufacturing industry of two old equipment that plans as Shenyang city, had had technology, service to wait at big area carry on the of all kinds condition that industry of component of numerical control machine tool grows. Current, machine of Shenyang of city of equipment of machine tool of special type of international of Shenyang of national level China, China had been built inside area garden of fundamental component industry, have industrial worker 100 thousand, skilled worker 12 thousand.