The country weighs completion of base of property of system of warehouse of knife of big special numerical control

Published on 2018-03-27

On March 18, 2013, the grand of Wenling of numerous annulus group that by group of Huhhot numerous annulus and Wenling of stage state city Hua Chi limited company establishs jointly gallop limited company of science and technology is in Zhejiang completion of Wen Ling new river, the state-owend enterprise that this is industry of tool of Chinese machine tool realizes first allied enterprise first with civilian look forward to, become state of numerous annulus group to weigh library of knife of big special numerical control (ATC) systematic property base.
As we have learned, new the Wen Linghao of numerous annulus group that hold water gallop limited company of science and technology, the associated research and development that basically develops system of ATC of component of core of library of numerical control knife and production work, the treatment that depends on dambered surface cam and relevant spare parts and make. Introduce according to Zhang Zhankui of president of numerous annulus group, grand of lukewarm mountain of numerous annulus group gallop limited company of science and technology begins to move first quarter this year, the project plans to produce per year system of 10 thousand ATC, change China manufacturing industry is big and effort is not strong, most enterprise is in the current situation of small department in industrial catenary.
It is reported, group of Huhhot numerous annulus is the world’s famous chuck kind product of machine tool accessory creates a company, it is the bibcock enterprise of industry of accessory of Chinese machine tool, assumed multinomial country science and technology to tackle key problem specially greatly again the task. And the research and development that machinery of lukewarm mountain Hua Chi devotes oneself to cam more than 10 years and make, accumulated substantial cam research and development, production and administrative experience, integral level is in domestic lead position. Two companies cooperate hand in hand, it is the confluence of technology, capital, industry, weigh the research and development of system of ATC of library of knife of big special numerical control to finish national science and technology already, in the meantime, can advance structure of industry of stage state city to optimize again upgrade, accelerate equipment to make wait for burgeoning estate development.
Group of numerous 2012 annulus regards a country as unit of responsibility of great and special task, with orgnaization of knife of rotate of high speed protruding treatment craft considers to be a foundation, use the system of homebred and high-grade numerical control of open mode, accuse the company composition such as the machine tool to produce with north of Beijing industry university, Beijing, learn, grind, implement a group with combination, cam of development dambered surface is special numerical control machine tool, solve change difficult problem of knife orgnaization workmanship automatically, the production standard that promotes numerical control knife the library and ability of batch form a complete set, as famous as home cam creates a company — company of lukewarm mountain Hua Chi cooperates.