Base oneself upon is efficient power graph plans to drive machine tool high end to develop

Published on 2019-07-02

On April 22, 2013, thirteenth exhibition of China International machine tool (CIMT) pulls open heavy curtain in Beijing, exhibit the theme of the meeting this to be ” innovation · can develop continuously ” . Power graph (the casing technology that Rittal) precedes as the whole world and systematic supplier, brand-new systematic solution is brought this on exhibition of international machine tool, upgrade for industry of Chinese machine tool, infuse new energy.
Power graph is in postpone the start on the meeting innovation exhibits an area, the key is revealed new-style a solution of the system that ask an arm, because of its efficient, convenient characteristic, get attention of the person that look around fully. This system is raised in former some did on the system that ask an arm improve revolutionarily, include laden, capable person each respect such as qualitative, exterior, design, function had revolutionary improvement, and unified design specifications is had between different type, can come true mutual the changeover between is comfortable match. Reduced the complexity of product structure, make installation, operation becomes more convenient, can improve the client’s work efficiency greatly, bring a client more profit.
In addition, power graph still brought new generation for machine tool industry Bluee of energy-saving air conditioning, became exhibit an another star product, the generation before it continued the advantage of air conditioning of series of power graph RTT, undertook in fan and control respect huge is improved, use coating of accept rice pottery and porcelain and condenser water evaporator, fractional energy savings is amounted to 45% , compare with machine ark air conditioning of home more but energy-saving amount to 70% .
International machine tool of 6 days extends by a definite date meeting, offerred a cosmopolitan platform to Weitudi will ” TheSystem ” the concept reflects acme. All the time since power graph innovates with unremitting ground spirit, bring more professional, more complete system solution to machine tool industry, improve efficiency for the client managing cost, to can last of the industry development makes contribution.