Without Xituodakang wonderful ginseng exhibits machine tool accessory CIMT2013

Published on 2018-03-27

CIMT2013 does not have Xituodakang limited company of machine tool accessories is wonderful appear, exhibition of China International machine tool (CIMT) is exhibition of China’s biggest tool of international machine tool, sponsor by association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool. Of CIMT exhibiting can be be travelled together by international praise for the world machine tool of 4 big international is exhibited one of, current the congress that exhibiting can be high-quality goods assemble, the abundance of the content of tall, item on display of its technology content, all be all previous most.

Without Xituodakang limited company of machine tool accessories is company of a foreign capital, be located in bridge of money of town of military importance of industry of the machinery that do not have stannum, it is an energy group that has business of self-supporting imports and exports.

Our major produces a machine tool to defend system and component, include machine tool slideway to blow bits of cutting means enclosure of shield of bits board, slideway, chain, platoon implement wait with magnetic force acetabulum.

We are dedicated to a service at industry of domestic and international machine tool, design of volume product development, production is made, content shedding commerce and after service at an organic whole, the production of the old maturity that comes from Europe and administrative experience make we have a ground client demand is agile development and the ability that make all sorts of convention and blame mark product.