Technical innovation drove cutting tool to place held revolution

Published on 2019-07-02

Before 80 time, most machine tool is the hand is moved change a knife, take time arduous. Comparing contemporary machining center only, just came true to change a knife automatically through knife library stage by stage. Disassemble large accessory, cutting tool and square lever cutting tool perhaps change on the machine tool but dislocation razor blade, need to expend very long machine down time. Use small and small cutting unit, before the system that integrates fast exchange labor to provide interface never heard of before, because this is planted,the technology just just starts at that time.

This kind of technology until after having module chemical industry to provide a system, use advanced interface to just be able to come true through innovating in unit of cutting cutting tool and machine tool clamp. Use cutting tool clip to manage innovation technology, OK and fast hand is moved change a knife, contemporary main shaft interface can be used at changing a knife automatically, in the meantime, those who implemented cutting tool system is modular.

Module chemical industry provides a system appearing is to result from the development of numerical control machine tool, especially 60 to seventies, lathe obtained great progress. The fifties, the United States begins technology of numerical control of research and development, apply on machining center and lathe. Arrived 60 time metaphase, there is 15% in the machine tool that sells inside beautiful territory is numerical control machine tool, after this gets flying development several years. At that time, europe and Asia did not manufacture numerical control machine tool almost, but to 1967, appeared quick up turning point, numerical control machine tool begins swift and violent development. To satisfy people more make full use of the need that produces equipment, people development gave the machine tool with taller, costlier productivity, module chemical industry provides a system to be in this emerge as the times require below big setting.

The numerical control machine tool of dimensions job shops waits in, time of average and actual cutting takes a machine tool only 8% of time of overall and usable production. 1/5 what the cutting tool installation, time that changes knife and cutting tool to measure an expenditure takes total usable time. People early realized this, because of such, improve machine tool utilization rate and the potential demand that improve manufacturing efficiency to promote the swift and violent growth that promoted numerical control machine tool.

No matter be the production that is new working procedure,change new cutting tool, cutting blade whether exact location is crucial. It is only after the accurate coordinate of affirmatory cutting blade, ability begins to undertake be machininged correctly, otherwise not only the use existence risk of cutting tool, the spare parts measure that treatment gives also did not assure. Accordingly, the exact location of cutting cutting tool is attached most importance to especially to appearing new machine tool should. People used a few kinds of means to answer at that time, because this is not a new issue, before numerical control technology comes out, people has had in the light of lathe and profile modeling lathe efficient change the requirement of the knife.

According to the circumstance at that time and the demand to numerical control, people developed a series of tool carrier, can place hold off-the-peg square lever cutting tool and can set cutting tool beforehand outside the machine tool. Tool carrier can be installed in knife machine tool knife plate or turn on the tower, by book cutting tool position to locate. Precision is opposite more accurate, and cutting blade position can be proofreaded after installation, or undertake rough machining directly. But, these tool carrier suffer in precision respect be restricted bigger, take up much machine tool space, cost tall, weight is great. Barely changes quickly tool system, more do not talk to go up efficiency.

Another kind of solution seventies is the tool system that uses high quality, the grinding of square lever knife handle that uses among them arrives quite upland precision, cooperate to be used on the machine tool with particularly custom-built blade holder. If cutting tool has been installed beforehand, when assemble cutting tool or changing a knife, have taller precision. But, because be put in the machine tool of a large number of different types, because this is necessary to have machine tool mill one case with place, the datum mark that discusses how to decide cutting tool to go up in tool carrier and knife tower. Another kind of means is the orgnaization of attune of essence of life that can adjust accurately in the installation on square arbor, use at the fine tuning of radial and axial. Be changed quickly or cannot come true.

Another trend that appears at that time is implementation automation. Inchoate machining center uses mechanical to grab knife arm, cutting tool installation is on consistent awl handle, cutting tool realizes exchange between main shaft and cutting tool library. Lathe realizes the desire of automation, machine the need of flexibility with implementation, grow day and day.