Shallow the development trend that talks about industry of accessory of our country machine tool and countermeasure analysis

Published on 2019-07-02

Machine tool accessory has decisive place in equipment industry. The trade of Chinese machine tool of the domain uses in machine tool accessory, the sales revenue 2007 is 222.3 billion yuan, rank industry of world machine tool the 2nd. Arrive from 2001 2007, year all add fast more than 24% . Exit forehead rises the 8.7 billion dollar 2007 from the 224 million dollar 1998, 10 years grew 37 times. According to net of Chinese machine tool | Be proud set net understands, current, the industry of machine tool accessory of our country has important place in global person of the same trade, the product already was exported Euramerican wait for machine tool powerful nation, to ” make big country ” and ” production powerful nation ” stride. These will drive the demand of industry of accessory of our country machine tool, fittings and development considerably.
But, with international advanced level photograph is compared, the integral level of accessory of our country machine tool still has difference, partial product is in on international mainstream market 2, the position that 3 abortion savor; Business of accessories of our country machine tool and accessory of bed of large scale computer cross appearance of group of state-owend enterprise trade to compare, competition ability is weaker. In marching toward a machine tool to make the journey of powerful nation, the situation of development the will more austere, challenge that face will be bigger. We can admire condition of hill go no further, firm anything but self-given, should keep high-spirited up psychosis, ascend of do all one can, precipitant, create future with greater efforts. “Care service allows a country, escape comfort dies personally ” , we want be vigilant in peace time, enhance hardship meaning, get used to a situation, hold overall situation, ceaseless exploration, start new way.
Current, of the globalization that the situation that face is economy and market, competition turn white-hot and the individuation of demand and advantage are changed, the high speed that the diversity of relevant interest principal part, science and technology develops is changed, this asks we forecast future well and truly, answer quickly, only such.