Shandong asks for accessory of time machine tool to appear on machine tool of CCMT2012 numerical control to exhibit

Published on 2019-07-02

Recently, shandong asked for accessory of time machine tool to play the fair of machine tool of the 7th numerical control that 16-20 date held in Nanjing in April, get very good effect and propagandist result. According to net of Chinese machine tool | Be proud set net understands from CCMT2012 spot, company of accessories of machine tool of time of Shandong ask forring is the professional manufacturer that the country orders accessory of machine tool of first class of manufacturing series pinchcock surely, in industry of accessory of countrywide machine tool, product breed is most, standards is the fullest, exit amount is the largest, our company enjoy imports and exports self-supporting authority, get attestation of system of quality of exit product quality clearance, ISO9001, Shandong to save famous label, Shandong to save company of new and high technology.   

Exchange head of collet, tap collet, all-purpose boring the collet of bedspring of the card that collect time of production of company of accessories of machine tool of time of Shandong ask forring, mill collet, quickly, get all sorts of extension bar of collet, knife handle, tips from strict formula, change diameter is covered, grind a knife implement, circular knife grinding machine, dividing head, more than 50 countries such as popular United States, Germany, France, England, Canada, south Africa, Australia, southeast Asia mix quality area.

Company of accessories of machine tool of time of Shandong ask forring always pursues quality the first, the user is consummate, credit is this tenet, rely on abundant technical force, scientific administrative system, advanced treatment detects equipment, can supply the accessory of of all kinds machine tool that accords with the different level such as national level, international standard, Germany standard, Japan standard, United States standard to the user, the price is reasonable, delivery is seasonable, the service is considerate.

Hope of sincerity of faculty of the company that collect time and global travelling merchant establish business relation on the foundation of mutually beneficial mutual benefit, to expand bilateral economy, enter in all hand in hand, achieve in all brilliant.