Workbench of circumgyrate of numerical control of accessory of round-the-world machine tool becomes innovation achievement to change a project

Published on 2018-03-27

On May 22, shandong saves Science and Technics Agency to announce and fair showed 2012, 2013 year Shandong saves own innovation achievement to change list of put in storage of database of great and special project, limited company of group of accessory of Yantai round-the-world machine tool declares ” workbench of circumgyrate of numerical control of large, burden ” the project is seleted successfully.

“Workbench of circumgyrate of numerical control of large, burden ” the project is to be based on what the company assumes ” research of technology of key of workbench of circumgyrate of big heavy-duty numerical control and development application ” national science and technology is great and special task and the province that declare innovates independently achievement is changed great and special. This project budget always invests 35.4 million yuan, early days already invested capital 10.9 million yuan (include national finance to allocate funds 4.96 million yuan) ; Change the project approving of put in storage of great and special project this through saving own innovation achievement, sequel still will apply for 3 million yuan to save finance to allocate funds, city finance allocates funds 1.5 million yuan capital support.

Of the project carry out as scheduled, certainly will will accelerate achievement of company own innovation to change a course, further perfect business innovates independently system, stimulative product structure is optimized upgrade.