Old dormitory of factory of accessory of fierce prosperous machine tool produces fire place to I hope to did not cause personal casualty

Published on 2018-03-27

Yesterday, municipal government holds a press conference, reported 19 days of late Wu Changqian technically the plant of machine tool accessory of domestic market is old dormitory fire circumstance. That evening more than 100 dwellers are urgent and scattered, 38 stricken be hit by a natural adversity.
19 days of evening 10 when make 5 minutes, detachment of city fire control is received call the police and expedite the squadron of 3 fire control such as Wu Chang to drive instantly go to the spot. Place favour dwellers are organized in time save oneself, inform from door to door, the accident did not cause personal casualty.
Yesterday morning, the reporter comes to fire remains, the roof of three-layer old house that sees this has 60 years of histories only already was burned to wear, whole house by firing a bare outline, body of a few walls because high temperature is roast and cave in, because temperature is exorbitant, a few place still is in fumy. According to statistic, this fire shares 38 dwellers stricken be hit by a natural adversity, ham area amounts to 560 much square metre.
Branch of city fire control is analysed, this basically often is bricky timberwork curtilage, that evening wind is bigger also; Add a building to already was used old, the reason such as ageing of deficient of establishment of internal fire control, electric circuit, cause igneous situation to spread faster.
The resident here has the retired worker of factory of machine tool accessory and family member, still have fraction tenant, among them with age bigger old worker is in the majority, “Wake to cry at that time neighbour, we have not enough time to grab the property of out home, all family belongs is in conflagration burn down! All family belongs is in conflagration burn down!!
As we have learned, this part dweller has gotten appropriate find a place for at present, the government is deciding compensatory problem, fire cause still is in investigation.
Yesterday, branch of city fire control announced an our city 1 to the fire circumstance May, daily hair of whole in May town makes a fire before calamity 3, 5 months produce fire 469 cases in all, die 1 person.
Electric, with fire inadvertent, smoking, playing with fire is the main reason that causes fire. Electric cause fire 190 cases, hold fire sum total 40.5% ; Cause fire 68 cases carelessly with fire, hold fire sum total 14.5% ; Smoking causes fire 38 cases, hold fire sum total 8.1% ; Play with fire cause fire 15 cases, hold fire sum total 2.5% .