Company of accessories of Yantai round-the-world machine tool is embraced army new page -- the condolatory officers and soldiers that be stationed in an island

Published on 2019-07-02

“81 ” section eve, personnel goes to secretary of president of limited company of group of accessory of Yantai round-the-world machine tool, Party committee, general manager related Zhang Momou rate frontier defence of Kong cave island connects the condolatory officers and soldiers that be stationed in an island, peaceful time is written again embrace army new page.

On July 28 morning 9 when, dock of for military use of bay of urban peace and tranquility, the member that the company is sold and more than 60 representing that attend agency meeting are guided in what Zhang Dong thing grows below, carry a large number of expressing sympathy and solicitude for to taste the landing craft that ascends some frontier defence to connect, the big maritime travel that ripples in blue waves is located in the Kong cave island of urban northeast direction into half hour, express sympathy and solicitude for defend some frontier defence that be here to connect officers and soldiers all the year round.

Landing craft draw close the shore, the employee that expects to welcome Yantai round-the-world group with enthusiastic applause in the officers and soldiers defending an island of dock already and the honoured guest that come from countrywide each district people.

On the square of the place where troops are stationed that join a department, more than 1000 staff of company of representing of Zhang Momou president and the honoured guest that attend agency meeting people express to express sympathy and solicitude for kindly to the officers and soldiers that be stationed in an island. He says, yantai is round-the-world the feeling that having blood and water with army from of old, the war industry production of warlike time arrives and non-leap year is embraced actingly army cherish one’s fellow citizen, from recommend first-class staff to join the army actively guard national defence, answer a company to visit one’s family to garrison command leading cadre, deep feeling of fish and water is in the army and the people Yantai is round-the-world the intention that having deeper sense. He wishs all officers and soldiers sets his mind at to defend national defence, green gallant canto is written on the battlefield that does not have smoke of gunpowder.

After welcoming a ceremony, guest people listened to company condition introduction, dormitory of the honorary room that saw company, soldier and Bing look at a tower, take root island, happy with be painstakingly to soldiers, the contemporary soldier sentiment of frontier defence of consecratory youth, beefeater anounces enthusiastic applause.

Agency people embrace to this army the action gives height the opinion, those who say this is different common ” the conference ” , the sense is extraordinary, unforgettable all one’s life.