Plenary meeting of first time shareholder held firm of accessory of Yantai round-the-world machine tool successfully 2012

Published on 2019-07-02

On May 31 afternoon, plenary meeting of first time shareholder was in limited company of group of accessory of Yantai round-the-world machine tool 2012 6 buildings assembly room is held. All partner attending the meeting is discussed voted ” board of directors 2011 year working report ” , ” supervision board 2011 year working report ” , ” mix about financial 2011 final accounts finance affairs is estimated 2012 report ” and ” 2011 year profit distributes program ” , finish each conference content satisfactorily.

Congress votes carried 3 reports. The conference thinks, the reviewing with 3 objective and real reports company decision-making layer, supervisory layer and the working circumstance that executive layer goes one year and financing operation circumstance. Think consistently each levels all can according to ” company method ” and ” company rules ” concerned requirement, accurate understanding and perform respective right, obligation and duty seriously, each doing his own job, assiduous and responsible, the standard is run, the health that urged a company develops. The conference thinks, below current and austere market environment, will work 2012 the target undertakes be adjustmented appropriately, it is the principle in esteem market rule, be practical and realistic what make below guidance is decision-making, and give attention to two or morethings the challenge sex of the target and scientific sex, accord with an enterprise actual.

The conference passed 2011 year profit to distribute program. The conference thinks, this profit distributes program, mature current market condition, give attention to two or morethings the relation between company long-term development and partner investment redound, reflected those who let partner share an enterprise to develop fruit to manage a tenet already, considered current capital pressure and company grow need again, it is the plan with a sound deal with concrete matters relating to work.

Conference requirement company should be comprehended deeply up and down, sound practice ” change, promotion, carry fast ” working theme, make full use of to be adjusted this period, farther recognize and the new characteristic that get used to development environment change and market demand structure to upgrade, market of the high end in focusing, adjust the market to develop pattern, advance seed profit to change manufacturing management pattern, raise own innovation ability and industrialization technology level, deepen reform to burst forth vigor, optimize management to improve beneficial result, promote an enterprise soft actual strength in the round, drive an enterprise to develop continuously.