Product of accessory of machine tool of firm of Huhhot numerous link obtains CCMT2012 Chun Yan award

Published on 2018-03-27

Exhibition of machine tool of numerical control of the 7th China came 20 days to read extensively in Nanjing international on April 16 the center is held. By Huhhot numerous annulus (group) two kinds of products that finite liability company develops independently are had the honor to win ” Chun Yan award ” .

Current exhibit the even more that can have manufacturer of machine tool of more than 70 home ginseng of achievement of 100 kinds of own innovation is exhibited, these item on display covered entire industry domain of form a complete set of accessory of etc of component of system of a variety of crucial lead plane, high-powered numerical control, crucial function, showed industry of tool of our country machine tool to accelerate the newest gain that transition upgrades. Acquire the company of outstanding achievement to praise own innovation, exhibit during the meeting, by the industry famous expert comprises ” Chun Yan award ” evaluate committee, from inside declaring item on display the choice has own innovation, property admirable, quality the beautiful, outstanding item on display that have good market perspective or sells outstanding achievement has reliable, model choose. According to understanding of of net of Chinese machine tool, BT50-80LSY 80 of numerous link firm is versed in chuck of hub of train of type of lever of a chain knife library, KT421100A has the honor to win exhibition ” Chun Yan award ” .