Accessory of Yantai round-the-world machine tool is held successfully distribute chamber of commerce was discussed 2012

Published on 2019-07-02

In July 2012 27 – 28 days, conference of agency of limited company of group of accessory of Yantai round-the-world machine tool is in company of blessing hill equipment to be held as scheduled, more than 60 delegate that comes from unit of 38 distribute of countrywide attended the meeting. Company leader Zhang Momou, Chu Fuchun, Qi Benzheng, Zhang Jinwei, Diao Jinglin, Lin Jialong, Tian Hui, Hao Minghai attends the meeting. Zhang Momou of president, general manager is aimed at at present situation of domestic and international market, product develops guest of all along of goal of the 5th 3 years of development people made a journal, diao Jinglin of vise general manager moderates.

Speaking cent of Zhang Momou is 3 parts, it is current market environment analysis; 2 it is to seize opportunity, improve the health, meet a challenge; 3 it is hearten spirit, collaboration develops, win-win did not come.

Liu Yumin of sale center vise general manager is guest people dedicated one wonderful ” collaboration of numerical control product develops prospect ” lecture; The structure that Shen Guodong of institute Master graduate student used the PPT that makes meticulously to introduce relevant product to initiate delegate and use circumstance, got guest people praise.

Before the conference begins, guest people visited equipment company to produce the spot and sample to exhibit above all room, neat machine tool, the employee of mental coruscate, workbench of circumgyrate of 5 meters of large numerical control gives visitor people the impression that left profundity.

Session, guest people took naval landing craft to visit Kong cave island, joined company of Yantai round-the-world group embrace army condolatory ceremony, got a patriotism is taught.

27 evening, collaboration develops, win-win did not come, “Round-the-world night ” the evening party is held in beautiful blue sea edifice, ” round-the-world song ” those who ripped the evening party is prelusive, round-the-world employee people for guest people the singing and dancing that dedicated to prepare meticulously, guest and host is interactive and enthusiastic and lively, lottery activity turns spot mood to the climax and one billow crosses one billow high.

This second conference achieved anticipated goal, obtained the result that expect is less than, it is guest and host interacts, enthusiastic and lively, contain teachs Yu Le’s study conference.