Functional component is machine tool of our country numerical control in development important segment

Published on 2019-07-02

Follow the development of machine tool industry, industry of machine tool accessory is essential have the product that covers suitably to it, want to be able to follow to go up the foot of machine tool industry. Development of estate of component of function of machine tool of our country numerical control still is put in the problem with not little move up to now. Industry of component of function of machine tool of prospective numerical control wants development to want to notice the following.

(Component of function of machine tool of numerical control of 1) our country should insist to drive the market with lead plane, market adjustment is given priority to, policy is bred for complementary development direction.

Hold to the road of civilian battalion, joint-stock, state-owned, joint investment, joint development. Functional component industry should be a target with market demand, it is a method with market adjustment, undertake adjustment in competition, recombine, work up, enlarge dimensions thereby, raise a level, enhance whole set to supply capacity. Numerical control machine tool in recent years development trend is efficient, high speed, whole set, the development of functional component, must get used to this trend. And enterprise of component of our country function ” concentrate on one thing only ” more, the proposal produces an enterprise to be mixed through all sorts of collaboration each recombine, work up is the industry group of ligament with asset, offer goods capability in order to reinforce capacity of scientific research development and whole set, raise competition ability and market to have rate.

(2) should enhance development and scientific research strength, component of function of progressively change our country is overall horizontal state.

Component of function of numerical control machine tool is product of a kind of hi-tech, expand along with what a move in chess or a movement in wushu accuses functional requirement of machine tool itself, need to it the functional component level of form a complete set also should rise substantially, very muti_function even increase and raise need to be finished through functional component. These technologies often are bellwether model with the foundation model, some involves national security and national defence security. Accordingly, strengthen a talent to introduce besides relevant scientific research and manufacturing company outside tackling key problem with scientific research, proposal country popularizes a respect to give enough policy and capital support in scientific research development and achievement, make its accelerate development rate.

(3) should undertake proper conformity, build a few leading businesses.

The manufacturing company of component of numerical control function is very much, but mostly scale is not large, should undertake proper conformity, establish a few actual strength strong, technology develops ability the company with strong, production high level or industry group, the research and development that assumes high-grade function part and make, component of function of machine tool of numerical control of complete change our country develops the situation with not high level.

Anyhow, the full-scale development of component of numerical control function is machine tool of our country numerical control and equipment the important segment in production development process and surely classics phase, the height that should cause each respect takes seriously. The functional component industry of our country already had certain base, repass 3~5 year hard, be sure to greet the period of a full-scale development, will drive machine tool of our country numerical control to reach its further the progress of relevant industry.