Accessory of round-the-world machine tool holds section of the 5th master successfully to celebrate commend congress

Published on 2018-03-27

On September 10, 2012 afternoon 3 when 30 minutes, section of the 5th master celebrates Yantai round-the-world group commend congress is in a company 6 buildings assembly room is held successfully. Company leader Zhang Momou, Chu Fuchun, Qi Benzheng, Zhang Jinwei, Diao Jinglin, Home Lin dragon, Tian Hui, Hao Minghai attends the conference to be bear the palm in rostrum seating. Zhang Momou of secretary of president, Party committee, general manager publishs serious talk; Zhang Jinwei of chairman of Party committee vice secretary, union moderates and read out commends decision. Example of skill of player of bear the palm of contest of delegate of outstanding division apprentice, skill, 2012 year and new be elected ” round-the-world craftsman ” make a speech respectively.

Zhang Momou above all to obtain ” round-the-world craftsman ” the Dai Xian’s master of honorary title expresses congratulation, express congratulation to player of all bear the palm, to all and arduous cultivated, dedicate silently to express the acknowledgment of from the bottom of one’s heart and kind greeting in each master workers that produce a gleam of, work in the same placing, wish the masters of round-the-world group the festival is happy!

Zhang Momou says, forging and have a structure to optimize, ladder second the mechanic procession with reasonable, relatively masterly, steady craft is the cornerstone that the enterprise achieves long-term progress not only, also be likewise it is round-the-world maintain from beginning to end ” tall essence of life is especially new ” one of recipe of brand image. The technology know-how in the final analysis of high-grade product still should rely on the high skill talent with deft heart to come true. At this late hour, yantai is round-the-world the strategic dominant position that is holding upland of high skill talent from beginning to end its are crucial is the culture inheritance that we are having honour division to teach again and good atmosphere, having a relatively perfect employee to develop incentive mechanism. Differ with before a few, we were chosen for the first time today round-the-world oneself big craftsman, can saying is people’s expectations place returns, be worthy of the name. The teach that wear division is a skillful craftsman that conceives stunt personally not only, also be a honorable better, old but vigorous, de Yishuang strongs and pervasive fragrance. Year close a cycle of sixty years still works producing a gleam of, in study, capture an operation difficult problem while the place of will old pains that still retains without place is become imparted child people, fostered for the enterprise large quantities of high quality mechanic. On body of the teach that wear division we saw round-the-world person is inexorable, the brightness of it is difficult to greet and altruistic and the energy spirit look that go up and pleasant humanness ladder, consecratory human nature. He is the surveyor’s pole of everybody study and model not only, it is the precious fortune of the enterprise and mental monument more, be worth us each employee respect and respect and admire.

He says, in last few years, what build strength as team of talent of company tall technical ability is ceaseless increase and ” apprentice of honour division love, pass ability to award art ” of the activity continuously thorough, we see gladly, more and more youth employee are shown loving care for in masters and education falls down to grow quickly, behead beginning to show ability or talent begins in contest of of all kinds skill, show itself. The skill contest superior that we commend today has a lot of young face in the player. What honorary since was paid in the past to everybody and try hard is affirmative, also be a kind of drive is mixed lash. The hope gets commending stuff not arrogant not impetuous, hardheaded, make persistent efforts, the students surpasses the teacher and excel blue, grow at an early date for connoisseur old hand, it is better to take a more prentice come. At the same time I also hope you can have a heart that be thankful from beginning to end, the loving-kindness that remembers masters well and teach, sign up for the painstaking effort that masters give and sweat back and forth with outstanding achievement and excellent competence.

He points out, market of whole machine tool lasts since this year low fan, production manages rhythm to put delay, this also offerred an experienced good exercise to benefit the internal organs, favorable opportunity that enhances ability to us. Mechanical industry is having the characteristic of his oneself, this is the industry that go through the mill of practice of a need and experience accumulate, having very high demand to skilled worker. Hope faculty can be chance with activity of post big training, study new technology hard, new technology, master new ability, those who be round-the-world group is benign can develop continuously make larger contribution.

Zhang Momou asks faculty wants to be example with the outstanding division apprentice that be elected, solid learn a skill, grow competence, the inheritance with make method of the outstanding craft of elder, result absolutely vivid get better and carry on, strive for emerge in large numbers to give more and more dab hand. Especially extensive young staff, loading round-the-world career carry forward the cause and forge ahead into future, bear before the historical important task after opening, should establish the concept of lifelong study more, annals puts Gao Yuan, very modest, forward taller further target lift is entered!