Yantai round-the-world: ? Bao of flood dragon of  of Yu of Yue Yong of bore with a reamer of abduct of ⒄ of drag of  of wooden tablets or slips for writing melt  of Da  pray?

Published on 2019-07-02

“Today is the date that round-the-world group establishs Daqing 60 years, until next year new company go into operation is produced, I look certainly again. ” this was last year on October 27, during 60 years of Daqing of company of Yantai round-the-world group, if when He Guangyuan of minister of ministry of former mechanical industry comes to a company to attend celebration ceremony, to round-the-world group president Zhang Momou says. Why the minister does not have a slip of the tongue, on August 21, 2010, why to often come to round-the-world group again. This also is why the minister comes to company of Yantai round-the-world group the 3rd times inspect directive job inside time of a year, body reveals older generation machinery to be versed in course of study leads the attention of round-the-world to Yantai group and care.

It is day, clear sky 10 thousand lis, sweep the high temperature weather that comes day after day, gentle breeze blow gently, cool and refreshing and delightful.

In the morning 10 when 18 minutes, why the minister is in Yantai of Zhang Momou of president of round-the-world group company, general manager accompany below, will be located in the Yantai with Yantai city a mountainous area blessing limited company of equipment of round-the-world numerical control, got the enthusiasm of the leader such as Diao Jinglin of equipment company general manager welcomes.

Why ministerial group comes above all to inside big workshop. The machine tool that looking at a platoon is like the ground like emerge from ” underground ” appear, why minister not without feeling say without exception, did not think of rate is so rapid really, last year today still is an a bare outline, give benefit this year, do an enterprise to need such development rate.

Cross the passageway of workshop of join north and south, why ministerial group came in workshop of bed of large scale computer. Piece president is pointing to installing two large scale computer in debugging a process the bed is right why to often say, the value of these two equipment is in ten million yuan above, the company should be done do greatly strong, be about to go up large facility, make large function part, occupy collar height to carry the market with high-end product.

Why ministerial light head looks at Zhang Momou president to say with favorable view: Of a good product come out, the manufacturing condition that is about to have modernization and modern manufacturing facilities will ensure, be willing to part with or use throws ability to gain big profit greatly. Entrepreneur should stand high to look far namely, to internationalization, modern industry cavalcade strides. Yantai round-the-world group is former mechanical ministry is in Yantai exclusive enterprise of an affiliated to a ministry, although later one divides into two, one part turns inside be cheated, but rate of old plant development is very rapid still, made extraordinary success for national economy construction. With respect to mechanical accessory, yantai is round-the-world the national treasure that should be our machinery industry, develop a few this years at full speed, momentum is powerful. I also often the comrade with machine tool association, the comrades of plant of each old lead plane remove us a little round-the-world group, overall report is favorable. Current development is a machine tool large the tide that turn is apparent, give aid to with the country wind energy electric energy, railroad and the pace phase be identical that aviation industry grows, have bright development perspective, when when base of this new industry becomes a dazzing industry jewel, I look even.

Why the minister has to outfit of round-the-world numerical control the leaders of limited company put forward to hope, should increase staff with knowledge of contemporary and scientific government integrated quality, improve manufacturing site level of management, make top-ranking functional component produce base, carry on the good convention of veteran industry business, make greater success for national construction.