Machine tool accessory is industry of convention of district of dark blue city

Published on 2018-03-27

A group of data that bureau of science and technology of city of dark blue state provides show, recently 3 years, in successive years of production value of new and high technology searchs this area time: 2006 700 million yuan, 2007 1.52 billion yuan, 2008 3.22 billion yuan, this year 1 come to already finished 3.3 billion yuan June. And the working plan this year still makes clear branch of this area science and technology: Main attract saves the brainpower of place of courtyard of college of inside and outside, scientific research, thorough enterprise help develops the new technology that has own intellectual property, new product, new technology, supportive industry is introduced, change and use achievement of newest scientific research and advanced technique, for ” 5 years of give somebody a new lease on life city of a new dark blue ” the target provides strong power.

Machine tool accessory is industry of convention of district of dark blue city, churchyard produces a business much, crop is big, but content of past product technology is common not tall. Since last year, suffer effect of global banking crisis, low end product market is atrophic, “Force ” approach enterprise increases ability to change investment.

2008, letter of victory of dark blue state establishs new technology center jointly with Shenyang industry university, liao Yi Professor Wei is taking adviser of old doctoral student to give birth to scientific research group of composition to garrison an enterprise by 4 3 doctoral students, Masters. Last year, this enterprise declares a province product of new and high technology 3, application invents patent 7 times.

According to introducing, current, the company of production of machine tool accessory of the 80 dimensions on much home has this area technical innovation project.

The industry is in the machine tool accessory of district of dark blue city to advance along the course in big strides of new and high technology!