Yantai is round-the-world should give real action to the crisis

Published on 2018-03-27

To answer the management predicament below slump, get used to the change of situation of current market demand, limited company of group of accessory of Yantai round-the-world machine tool (next weighing round-the-world group) hit out actively, meet a challenge with positive attitude.

2009, round-the-world group is working guiding principle surely ” adjust, innovation, transition, upgrade ” , determination is with the market oriented, it is a target in order to promote company core competition ability, it is motivation with the technology progresses and managing innovation, cogent do good product structure to optimize upgrade with management, drive development mode transition.

From last year second half of the year rises, yantai is round-the-world begin to adjust working centre of gravity, increasing the production that at present the peace of big norms revolving stage of market sell like hot cakes selects dish of product throws manufacturing energy to come up centrally while new product develops strength. Last year second half of the year, round-the-world group concentrated force measures research and development the tool carrier of numerical control servo of two kinds of norms mixes AK36 series revolving stage of numerical control of type of electric machinery straight drive, right tool carrier of original motivation of AK33 numerical control undertook upgrading replacement, these new products appear all the international machine tool that held in Beijing April this year to exhibit.

According to introducing, round-the-world 2008 group finishs new product to develop 36 in all, among them pallet changer of 2 numerical control realized 500 × of TK95400 × to machine product line form a complete set automatically for car component, fill home is in the blank on this technology; 1350 numerical control of THK561000 × revolving stage of divide into equal parts is included to save key new product to develop a project. In addition, the numerical control that is form a complete set of milling machine of boring of be born of milling machine of numerical control boring, numerical control is smooth come back dish also enter batch stage of production. Round-the-world group still is maintained to be Shandong to save company of new and high technology.

Current, the working key of round-the-world group is demand of follow closely market, promote a product quality, class ceaselessly, increase the development of big norms, high additional cost, different product, gain ground with developing high-end product to drive model the product moves toward industrialization production thereby, international is chased in precision and performance side advanced level, contend for market of product of medium, high end with foreign manufacturer.

In addition, doing system of good technology innovation to build also is the mandatory class that the enterprise drills good exercise to benefit the internal organs answers the crisis. Round-the-world group will be produced with time construction of two years, learn, grind, the research center of engineering of accessory of numerical control machine tool that uses photograph band, increase the investment of innovation of basic research, technology and new product development, master the core technology of the product. The expert group examine and verify that program of this project construction has carried organization of Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference by 2007. In May 2008, this center has hanged out his shingle enter executive construction phase.

Project of research center of engineering of accessory of numerical control machine tool plans to invest 30 million yuan, use the project that has 3000 square metre to study base, add partial critical process, detect facilities facilities. Engineering research center will be right center of tool carrier of the revolving stage of high-grade numerical control that will affect development of machine tool of our country numerical control henceforth, numerical control, numerical control is worn, the product such as numerical control pallet changer undertakes research and industrialization study can persistent developing, the product of part of function of numerical control machine tool such as executive high speed, nicety, high reliability, compound, environmental protection develops demonstrative project of research and production, the better development that supports machine tool of homebred and high-grade numerical control and application.

In addition, round-the-world group still is in Yantai city blessing is a mountainous area ask for land newly 70 mus, the plan always invests 115 million yuan, build the manufacturer house of 30 thousand more than square metre, desire compose builds one place China top-ranking, advanced, industrialization of modern product of part of numerical control function produces base, the industrialization that fills revolving stage of revolving stage of numerical control tool carrier, numerical control and big norms numerical control in order to fill produces made capacity. This project already was started now, will be built at completing first phase this year and put into production, whole project complete is amounted to postpartum, predict to be able to come true gain ground model, market of tool carrier of complete function numerical control is had rate achieve 50% above, gross achieves 10 thousand, market of dividing head of numerical control revolving stage, numerical control is had rate achieve 50% , gross achieves 5000, sales revenue achieves 300 million yuan of above.