Factory of accessory of accurate machine tool of city of deep administrative division tastes development newly half step tantivy

Published on 2018-03-27

Factory of accessory of accurate machine tool of city of Heibei deep administrative division, aim at market demand to accelerate new product to develop pace. At present this factory product already had type of 6 kinds of big 3000 many norms, partial product replaced an entrance successfully, its ” south protect ” card machinery is operated also became the market to go up ” cry noisily ” popular commodities, gained better economy and social benefit.
In recent years, wait for the modernization of engineering technology as our country metallurgy, machinery, in the past the sort of relatively onefold product breed, far already the demand that cannot get used to the market. To this, having domestic bakelite product the city of Heibei deep administrative division of well-known trademark is accurate factory of machine tool accessory, through two years of much effort, plastic towline has the high-powered project that development development gives curve function good, tensile strength big, operation is convenient, service life is long wait for a characteristic, this product is divided have be able to bear or endure outside soda acid and oil resistant, its are able to bear or endure lukewarm limits can amount to + ℃ of 200 ℃ ~-30, the user that got used to different climate, different area is used, solved the abuse that plastic products treats the project to high temperature is out of shape and encounter microtherm chap. 50% what at the same time value of this product market is entrance product only, all get favorable result in the try out in user of and other places of Jilin, Sichuan early or late.
Current, quantity of this company produce and sale amounts to many 200, 25% above are occupied in share of market of goods of countrywide machinery operation, sell secondhand toward the international market.