Accessory of cutting tool of homebred numerical control, machine tool develops trend analysis

Published on 2019-07-02

As the development of our country manufacturing industry, the demand of machining center also is increasing, especially the machining center of four-axle, 5 axes. The machining center that estimation asks to provide numerical control revolving stage in last few years will be achieved annual 600 or so. Development of machine tool of current and homebred numerical control is swift and violent, to high speed, efficient, high spirit, flexible change, environmental protection respect develops, to it corresponding machine tool accessory also should develop subsequently.
The development trend of numerical control revolving stage is: Go up in norms to both ends outspread, develop small-sized revolving stage namely, also should develop large revolving stage in order to get used to market demand; In function admiral development is the worm wheel of material with steel, carry what the senior engineer makes stage rotate speed and revolving stage to bear the weight of substantially force; Continue to develop two axes and the numerical control revolving stage with much shunt-wound axis in formally.
The development trend of future of numerical control dividing head is: Go up in norms to both ends outspread, develop small norms to also develop the dividing head of big norms namely, note the development of relevant technology at the same time; In performance side will to raise Buddhist templeput on the brakes further close moment of force, raise main shaft rotate speed and dependability respect development; The requirement uses new data; Case of product ask a price low, operation is convenient.
Lathe of homebred numerical control will develop Xiang Zhonggao henceforth, intermediate use gain ground model form a complete set of numerical control tool carrier, high-grade use motivation tool carrier, hold the breed such as hydraulic pressure tool carrier, servo tool carrier, vertical tool carrier concurrently, predict in recent years logarithm accuses tool carrier demand to will increase greatly. The development trend of numerical control tool carrier is: As the development of numerical control lathe, numerical control tool carrier begins to change quickly knife, electro-hydraulic coupled axle drive and development of servo drive direction.