Of machine tool accessory promote decline success or failure matters to national economy to develop lifeblood

Published on 2018-03-27

Develop Chongzhongzhi to weigh as industry, of industry of machine tool accessory promote decline success or failure matters to national economy to develop lifeblood. Machine tool course of study has been become ” 915 ” the advantage property that the key is bred and develops, pay close attention to and take seriously what national leader gives height to hour of machine tool industry, conference of job of equipment manufacturing industry is revitalized to go up in the State Council, the country will revitalize equipment manufacturing industry to be put in the strategic position of relation countryman economy and social progress overall situation, the State Council allotted ” a certain number of opinions that revitalize equipment manufacturing industry about accelerating ” , in system the respect such as construction of development of innovation of reform, mechanism, technology, project, taxation published corresponding favourable policy, to machine tool industry development gives support energetically.
It is under this setting, 2009-2010 year what change did industry of accessory of Chinese machine tool produce first half of the year? How long can the high speed development of course of study of Chinese machine tool last? Demand of market of prospective China machine tool and development trend how? What country and area does Chinese machine tool basically export? How much is exporting gross? Do all sorts of machine tools export portion how? This is the topic that every industry public figure pays close attention to very much. On July 26, 2008, machine tool industry grows report congress, will read extensively in Shanghai new international center and ” machine tool of international of the 9th Shanghai is exhibited ” the corresponding period is held.
At the appointed time, jing Yuan of Yao of division of total economy of national statistic bureau will be done ” ” 915 ” Chinese machine tool and report of relevant estate development ” , yang Xuetong of vice-chairman of Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference will be done ” industry of Chinese machine tool grows a report ” , wu Jiahuang of director of department of custom duty of Chinese customs total office will be done ” foreign trade of industry of Chinese machine tool reports ” , shanghai is taught with aid university Zhang Shu will do ” technology of industry of Chinese machine tool reports ” , the newest, most authoritative industry reports, unscramble manufacturing industry in the round for you, the current situation of line of business of accessories of machine tool of thorough analysis China and future.