Of chuck of machine tool accessory maintain method

Published on 2018-03-27

     Join a number tall, clip claw wears away accelerate, make chuck gap too big.
The 1, chuck to often protect lathe is after the use of constant time, still have good precision, lubricant job is very important. Incorrect or improper lubricant will cause a few problems, be in for example the abnormal function when low pressure, what clip holds power is abate, clip holds precision undesirable, wear away out of order reach card to live, must lubricate correctly so chuck.
2, make 2 vulcanization molybdenum oil at least everyday (color is black) , infiltrate grease chuck is oily inside spill over till grease the aperture inside the face that place claw or chuck is in (inside Kong Bao jacket and place of concatenate screw cap) , but if chuck is in,oil of much cutting of ability in swimming is used in treatment when, need more lubricating, the situation with beard different according to will decide.
Current affairs of cease of 3, exercise comes with wind gun or similar tool surely clean chuck noumenon and slideway face.
4, at least every 6 months tear open next chuck to decompose clean, maintain clip claw to slide the face gives completely lubricant, make chuck life grows. But if cutting is cast-iron every 2 months at least one or for many times the cleanness end Lai Che, check departmental spare parts to have crack-free and the state that wear away, serious person change to be tasted newly immediately. After the examination ends, want to fill a portion to give oil, ability group stands.
5, be aimed at different workpiece, must use diverse mix to hold means or choice to make special fixture. 3 ungual chuck just float with model a kind of nip is treated, loath use it goes placing irregular or it is strange workpiece, can cause chuck damage! If chuck pressure is abnormal, can make chuck is in high-pressured force to fall, or it is machine stage closes the chuck after machine to still clip workpiece, this metropolis lowers chuck life! Discover when you chuck gap is too big so when, must change instantly new chuck.
The 6, cutting that makes appliance has antirust effect is oily, can prevent chuck interior to rust, because of chuck rusty meeting reduces clip to hold power, and cannot workpiece clamp.