Accessory of machine tool of Fu Cheng of dark blue city: Face economic crisis leisurely

Published on 2018-03-27

When the United States second when the global banking crisis that borrows the crisis to cause brings negative effect to economy of many medium and small businesses, effect of lag of manufacturing industry of equipment of machinery of our country machine tool is shown stage by stage. The demand of product of manufacturing industry of equipment of machine tool machinery brings about economic benefits of manufacturing industry of equipment of our country part to decrease, glide the trend is very clear, the dilemma that medium and small businesses faces now is major market exceeding atrophy.

How to maintain steady growth with respect to the medium and small businesses below economic crisis, near future author visited manufacturing industry of accessory of Heibei machine tool to take the lead the Zhang Zong of production limited company of accessories of machine tool of nicety of Fu Cheng of city of wild goose dark blue, manager of a few companies in interviewing expresses be hardship at the moment, but Zhang Zong says however: The enterprise wants to be answered leisurely, must the reform of complete thoroughly remould oneself is adjusted, ability returns in course of study of person of the same trade brilliant. From inside crisis of this world banking we undertook thinking over deeply, a series of policy helping city that follow closely country publishs (the industry that help city) , build to be the oriented, industry that with the client newest demand is a center to manage mode with the market, wash out backward product, traditional product, research and development is current the newest product of market demand, those who serve as the key that this thoroughly remould oneself adjusts is heavy. Started product research and development to plan to invest capital of research and development quickly, reduce raw material to purchase plan of cost plan, market network sale, because company operation is early, newest product puts in the market early, company order also comes crowded in succession and come. Production limited company of accessories of machine tool of company of each big steely production and nicety of Fu Cheng of dark blue city signed a period of ten days of 11-12 the middle of a month last year the steel aluminium towline that protection of wire cable shift uses, metallic towline, tank catenary, shunt-wound towline, the contract of the product such as compound towline, exceeded the contract among the imagination to sign a measure, came true head change make a good beginning. Zhang Zongxin is fond of the ground to say: Financial crisis is not terrible, terrible is the enterprise cannot be answered leisurely, without the bold courage that reforms train of thought and innovation, without long-term development train of thought and spirit. The author sees as a result of Fu Cheng of dark blue city accessory of accurate machine tool makes limited company act early, start work fast, the company sold in an endless stream of order for goods 9 years Feburary, the company still presents a busy picture. Workshop employee door the face brings smile say: Our confidence below economic crisis more increased, enthusiasm more sufficient, work overtime on time the manufacturing task of make known to lower levels of the company that finish, breakfast delivers our newest product in user hand. Confidence of the Zhangzong when interviewing an end says; dye-in-the-woodly to we can be drawn lessons from and digest the experience that reforms this, continue the new approach of technical innovation, product innovation, accomplish Fu Cheng company truly—-Aircraft carrier of machine tool accessory this one brand! !