China machine tool accessories industry needs to enter a virtuous circle

Published on 2019-07-02

China machine tool accessory products currently brand to have hundreds, even thousands of species, but mainly concentrated in the low-end industries, small and medium-sized enterprises rely mainly on price in the market to ensure enterprise survival and operation, thus forming a vicious competition, leads to overall market downturn, machine tool accessories industry product quality differ in thousands ways.So how do you out of this dilemma, let China machine tool accessories industry into a virtuous circle.Recently had the opportunity to interview the huaao precision CNC general manager Mr HuaJinMing, deeply discusses the Chinese machine tool accessories industry faces difficulties, as well as the prospect of China’s accessories industry.

into the huaao precision CNC, large scale of the factory, factory facilities are standard, rational layout, surrounding scenery, area pay attention to afforest, the environment is very beautiful.Under the guidance of company deputy general manager, the reporter went to visit the new shop.Within the workshop clean and bright, neatly with various products of the company.

the CNC is a machine tool accessories manufacturing, sales, and service as one of the diversified emerging technology-oriented enterprises.Main products are engineering plastic towline, steel towline, aluminum towline, steel tank chain, JR – type 2 rectangular metal hose, catheter protective cover, shield machine tool, machine tool working lamp, chip removal machine, conveyor chain plate, hoses, hose connectors, cable waterproof connectors, cooling pipe, such as operating a machine tool accessory products.

in the interview, general manager of China, said “label machine tool accessory products will artificially, domestic, import, import is better than the quality of the domestic, import should be more expensive than domestic, why will have this distinction, the main reason is the technical reasons, the quality of reason, huaao after more than 20 years of hard work and research and development, technology and quality are all good in Germany close to the brand, in recent years, research and development of huaao HA301 series drag chain, has completely reached the level of similar foreign product, and even on some technical indicators have reached the world advanced level, huaao people will, as always put the quality and technology well, do good.While the iron is hot still need their own hard, only advanced technology, good quality, brand service, can we truly make China machine tool accessory products to become the world’s brand, make the “made in China” is no longer synonymous with low-end and cheap, but to gradually on behalf of the growing strength of China’s industrial level, establish the new image of “high-end manufacturing in China”.

when talking about the challenges faced by China machine tool accessories industry, China always stressed that at present for Chinese companies, the cluster to low-end products, the price as the main means of competition, anti-risk ability is not strong, the industrial concentration is low.Even in such an environment, there are some new brands into the market, the intensity of industry competition.Want to survive, technology and services is particularly important, machine tool accessories industry in China should be under the leadership of the government and industry association, to unite and form the core competitiveness, abandon some mid-range industry chain, from the production pattern of long chain to high precision processing and technology unit integrated manufacturing paradigm shift, make the Chinese machine tool accessory products research and development capabilities and high-end product can compete with world famous brands, a rival, make China’s high-end technology products of China.