High-grade CNC machine tool accessories market fierce competition

Published on 2018-03-27

In recent years, the domestic machine tool industry to develop at the same time led to the demand of the machine tool accessories, the development of the automobile industry to make the machine tool industry more exuberant.Domestic low-standard bed accessories market, the basic occupation by domestic products, high-grade bed accessories products market competition is becoming more and more fierce.

domestic basic can satisfy the need to form a complete set of mid-range bed, bed accessories but some high-end level bed form a complete set of machine tool accessories, there is still a gap compared with abroad and the overall equipment manufacturing ability, coordination ability, insufficient technical innovation ability of enterprise itself to have certain relations.Most of the industries in a large number of market order, should also pay more attention to technical reserves, product research and development work, to solve the contradiction between good order products and new product development.Both want to keep the current market, and pay attention to the development of future market competition ability.