Dhi 2 machine tool accessories company electric cabinet through the national compulsory product 3 c certification

Published on 2019-07-02

Recently, the two economic accessories co., LTD., the production of power distribution cabinet series product smoothly through the national compulsory product “3 c” certification, and access to the four series of electrical products “3 c” certification, “pass” to enter the market sales.In October

2013 began to and accessories company as 2. Manufacturing main body’s production enterprise ODM way to submit to the China quality certification center intended application.In late January, 2014, accepted the initial factory audit certification body (production consistency and quality assurance ability assessment), experts fully affirmed the accessories company in product quality system and certification marks of storage and use, production consistency control, nonconforming product control, process control, etc, achievements, for all the work of standardization and the product quality consciousness gave high evaluation.Agree that the accessories company management specification, system run effectively, the indicators are conform to the requirements of the 3 c authentication, agreed to pass the certification audit.