Cling to the quality of the products not relax The ring group to rise again

Published on 2018-03-27

From smoke attached to attach to the ring, from universal to all the rings to chuck, the ring group through a period of unforgettable journey.Through the efforts of several generations, the ring group has developed into the machine tool accessories chuck vanguard class manufacturing enterprises in China, three claws, four jaw chuck were identified for the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine “export products exempted from inspection”, is the only access to the national silver medal in industry units, China’s chuck machine accessories and CNC tool storage products are national standards drafting unit.”The ring” brand is famous brand in Inner Mongolia.Past achievements for the ring has ever glory.No choice on August 12,


, is a man who makes the ring can’t forget the time and sad.That day, the enterprise was forced to shut down due to some blocking gate, state-owned enterprises long-term accumulated contradictions grows, until the outbreak.

at the time, in front of the ring group leaders have two choices, one is to choose the shock therapy, the second is to seek breakthrough in sports, to make a comeback.Leadership decision, implementation of self-reliance, and actively promote the restructuring and reorganization of enterprises.They think the ring in the industry have five big advantage, brand advantage, scale advantage, technical superiority, talent advantage and equipment advantages, it also has a huge, perfect sales network, supply stability, these are all can use in the future.

interlocking save

self-help: for the first time on September 21, 2015, the ring group, and implement all the comprehensive and strengthened enterprise’s management function, firmly grasp the gripper “operator management”, grasp contracting business, operating performance, grasp the capacity to play, to mobilize the initiative and enthusiasm of operators, and decentralization, revitalize the assets, in the maintenance of the market share, brand protection, maintain enterprise basic operation, short radius to break, save the effectives.Although the December 10 – only a month of production plan, production value of more than 300 ten thousand yuan, but with it some money to solve the salary, relational area gas, electricity, water, all kinds of medical borrowing needs, such as not only guarantees the livelihood of the people, and laid a solid foundation for the enterprise to resume production in 2016.During this period, the state-owned assets unscathed.

the second activity: comply with the government at a higher level “can’t wait, can’t depend, actively organize production itself, in preparation for the conversion of” instructions, such as the ring group post again in March 2016, further reduce the decentralization, factory authorized sales corporation financing, underwriting products, independent financial self-sufficiency, themselves, to maintain the brand.Then apply to the group company sales corporation, established the Hohhot the ring industry &trade co., LTD., raising capital in the plant.Use to raise money to help the management body and services, particularly in the procurement of raw materials and parts.Industry and trade company and group company USES nissin monthly statement of the method of payment, pay materials use money to the group company and turned over to the sales profit 50% management fee.Group company consists of integrated office, to undertake all the functions of the original service system, and the various departments and personnel functions and post the concrete elaboration, supervision in place.Group company leadership research and issued by the relevant provisions of the contract principle of clearing and settlement methods, achieve the rules-based.So not only ensure the reasonable operation of financial settlement, legitimacy and operability, and straighten out the relationship between the property rights, safeguard the rights and interests of the enterprise, contract the investor, on the “operator management” model into the normal work.

restructuring has coincided with the conditions and the ring

rise again with the good external environment, “made in China 2025” planning to set up long-term goals;Supply side reform put forward the “three to one drop one filling” of specific measures, the direction of the reform of state-owned enterprises more mergers and reorganization of bankruptcy, and so on a series of policy support, make the ring group restructuring is in good time window.

the ring has the glorious historical tradition, also have quite a strong cohesion.So far, the upper, middle, technical backbone remain in effect for the enterprise, impregnable.

all these external and internal conditions, and is often said that the right place, right time and paving the way for the restructuring of the ring.The government’s asset inventory and assessment of the ring have been published, is planned to be completed by the end of 2017 joint-stock restructuring.