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Published on 2019-07-02

Keywords: international news, injection molding machine, Korea

Korea's biggest plastic machinery manufacturers are spent expanding their factories, want to increase productivity to remain competitive, rather than build more factories in low-cost areas.
For example, Dongshin Hydraulics Co.Ltd. announced it will invest $ 30 million in Korea to build a new factory to meet the demand for energy-saving injection molding machine, while larger rival Woojin Plaimm Inc. company is building a new factory, injection molding machines to expand annual production capacity from 1800 to 3000 units.
This is in China and Southeast Asian countries expanded factory Japan plastic machinery industry presents a sharp contrast. Korea's production cost is lower than Japan, so look more Korean enterprises have confidence in improving local competitiveness.
At a recent meeting in Seoul Korea in plastics and rubber industry show (Koplas 2013) when interviewed, Korea Busan, President of Dongshin Philip Kim said the company found that Korea is a strong demand for energy-saving machines, in part because of Korea Government offers tax incentives to encourage enterprises to replace equipment.
Kim said: "Korea is trying in every way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Government providing large subsidies for energy saving. "
He said that, due to the 2011 Japan earthquakes and nuclear crisis, Korea Government to reduce its reliance on nuclear energy, and pay more attention to energy conservation.
Dongshin company hopes to complete the construction of the new plant by the end.
He said: "we are currently building a new plant. Our monthly production 60-70 machine at the moment. This number is expected to double in the future. "
Dongshin and Woojin companies have built factories in China in about 7 years ago, Dongshin plant in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, made parts were sent to Korea for Assembly. But now its products are more focused on Korea China, Kim said that China's rapid rise in wages is narrowing between China and Korea the cost gap.
Kim said: "I hope to improve the productivity of the company, you do not need to be produced in China. Is the time to rebuild ... In the past three years, I strive to provide more training and education to employees. "
He thinks Dongshin companies have built factories in China with improved competitive position, but he's more concerned about Japan, because of the weak yen.
And like Dongshin, machine manufacturer Woojin company is building a new Korea factory.
The company is moving its headquarters from Incheon factory moved to gratitude, and the machine can be expanded to 3000 sets plastic, company sales manager AndrewKim said.
On March 12-16th Koplas show in an interview in Seoul, said: "our factories are already too small. "
The company chose Korea capacity expansion, rather than expanding the capacity of its factory in China, partly because of quality concerns, he said: "to maintain the quality of the machine is too difficult in China. "
And emphasis on the Korea domestic market Dongshin companies, Woojin's export business is rising dramatically, and fully open up overseas markets.
The company is currently United States set up two new direct sales offices, which are located in Chicago and Atlanta, to a certain extent in order to enter the United States car market.
And, he added, Indonesia is also becoming an important market for the company. The company exports to Indonesia reached 4.5 million dollars last year, 2011 about doubled.
Korea press industry annually produces 3600 Presses, with United States the number of machines in the market, and is attracting the interest of foreign equipment suppliers, those suppliers wishing to enter Samsung, Hyundai, Korea multinationals expanding global supply chains.
Korea plastic machinery industry association, said a Manager, Korea flat plastic machinery market in the past two or three years.
With its headquarters in Seoul, Secretary General of the Association HanKi-Yoon said that while some companies are still investing, but overall the market is still weak.
He believes that after the revitalization of the global economy, Korea market will recover.

Keywords: international news, injection molding machine, Korea
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