Dooku's view: Masterbatch and additive to trigger new possibilities

Published on 2018-03-27

Masterbatch and additive to trigger new possibilities

Material directly related to growth and consumption of polymers and additives market. Because plastics are constantly applied in the new area, will develop, consume more of polymer masterbatch and additive is likely to do so.

Addivant company's global performance materials business unit, Vice President and General Manager, Serge Rogasik also expressed the same view, pointing out that a widely used additive growing stems from plastic. Rogasik said: "our Polybond blends are incompatible materials into a compatible material. Because plastics are constantly in new settings applied, increasing demand for this OU function. ”

Masterbatch and additive solutions innovation, create more new opportunities for a variety of end products, in order to improve the overall performance of the product in order to respond to various challenges.

Clariant new solutions help packing and construction industries

Clariant (Clariant) released its latest CESA-absorb masterbatch solutions and advanced Hydrocerol nucleating agents, respectively, used in PET packaging and construction areas.

CESA-absorb can provide effective oxygen barrier plastic packaging solutions, especially for lightweight single layer packaging, packing on these occasions to stop infiltration of oxygen, prevent oxidation packaged foods, without affecting transparency or recyclability of the packaging. Deoxidizing agent containing a catalyst and an oxidizable substrate, which dispersed in the wall of the packaging material in the polymer matrix.

Hydrocerol nucleating agents for foam sheet is a thin, space-saving energy-saving thermal insulation material in development. This Switzerland specialty chemicals supplier said Hydrocerol based master batch foaming lightweight polystyrene (PS), the known foam cell size significantly smaller than the current. Using the formula of the new design, by direct gas injection method, reduced cell size from 200 μ m to 50 µ m, and has good insulation properties.

PolyOne color masterbatch, new more stable

PolyOne (PolyOne) subsidiary Colorant Chromatics introduced a series of new type masterbatch, for high-performance polysulfone (PSU), improves color stability.

The new colorant has 10 standard colors, polyether sulfone (PES), PSU and polyphenylene sulfone (PPSU) polymers polymer heat resistance, flame retardant and resistant to oxidation, for a variety of industrial applications such as aerospace, automotive, telecommunications and health sectors.

Colorant Chromatics said, these colour solutions for the sustainable development of formulations do not contain heavy metals, using a special pigment dispersion technology to improve color stability and uniformity, thus improving machining efficiency waste reduction. Use of these materials can simplify and speed up the product development process, and the company can custom formulations to meet specific requirements.

"Universal" master guarantees high efficiency

White Masterbatch Sukano company has good dispersibility, gloss, bright colors and opacity can be given. Also helps to speed up the production process, reducing machine down time. Therefore, the company will be called the "Almighty" material.

White Masterbatch with high content of active ingredients, so minimum amount can make significant changes in the optical properties. Thermoformed trays and packaging applications, the material can be used to great effect, with high purity and high economic, no migration of additives or other polymers.

In the production of PET bottles and other containers, White Masterbatch elimination of screw slip or mold scaling phenomenon, can maintain its manufacturing process is stable and faster cycle times. The stability of dispersions contribute to bringing the bottle to geometry and optimal opacity, also can reduce the thickness of, and substantial savings in raw materials and are certified for food applications.

Masterbatch for greenhouse film cooling

IR8783PE Tosaf company a new material developed for the greenhouse film.

Produced by IR8783PE films that can stop a lot of increase in temperature inside the plastic greenhouse in the near-infrared radiation (NIR). However, most of the plants needed for healthy growth of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) unimpeded through the membrane.

Tosaf said Israel conducted field experiments in the South, compared with traditional light diffusion film, high temperature 4-5 ℃, while at night the temperature drops that are not adverse.

200 Micron film of the new recommended dosage for 5%, applies to the single-story, three-and five-layer film.

Addivant WESTON 705 is approved for the food industry

For additive, due to various industrial fields such as packaging, cars, home appliances and consumer products industries custom plastic widely used products, will be the fastest-growing industries.

Addivant company's transparent, colorless, tasteless liquid antioxidant WESTON 705 by United States food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved for use in contact with food.