Dooku's view: Fifty thousand yuan range recut invincible Omori CK6140B CNC lathes

Published on 2019-07-02


stainless steel screw
Perfect machine does not exist, Omori CK6140B there are also some disadvantages. Maximum speed of only 1400 rpm, 1800 rpm lower than the mainstream for high-quality finish products often inaccessible; headstock too heavy, heavy machine left and right light, to handling difficult; there's no machine Operating Instructions, accessories box there certificate, a list of accessories, manual CNC system, servo drives manual, manual drive is not operating instructions, although it is everywhere, lathe operator mechanic, but if run into some minor issues that need to look at the operating instructions it? Here a large Sen serious criticism.
Omori CK6140B with the basic components are affordable, Harbin Bearing, ball screw tip Kai, Shenzhen Quartet inverter, and so on. There are no special called out loud brand. However, this price, coupled with a stable job performance, you have what it demanding?
In the past, a stepping Shenyang three 6136 CNC lathe machine is priced at 300,000%. Today, a recut of 6140 CNC lathe as long as more than fifty thousand, can not help but sigh marshes, rapid technological development. Omori CK6140B five million range but also to maintain long flair? Lonely Invincible is not a good phenomenon.
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