Ningxia bronze gorge ” bearing cereal ” western i

Published on 2019-07-02

Heard of? Ningxia bronze gorge has a ” of “ bearing cereal, collected a lot of enterprises. Bearing this thing appears ace base is northeastern, modern technology is in Zhejiang. How can be in northwest, in Ningxia?

“ this are not strange! You do not know somewhat, one of 4 large bearing of domestic northwest bearing reposes in Yinchuan, bronze gorge is family property accumulated over a long time of base of northwest old industry most the ” of prefectural class city of massiness. The comrade that listens to municipal Party committee to publicize ministry net letter to do so say, the bronze gorge city that the reporters that Ningxia of countrywide network media goes disregard journey exhaustion to be apart from 54 kilometers of Yinchuan city directly.

Proximate Yellow River, land is fecund, the scenery is beautiful. “ we this Ningxia is become the first times western the prefectural class city of 100 strong counties, some closer year come industrial economy in former days brilliant no longer. Transition of economy of …… of factory of water and electricity, aluminous factory, cement plant, ferroalloy factory upgrades press bronze gorge seeks new point of growth. Say of Lin Gaosheng of luck of stone of secretary of municipal Party committee of ” bronze gorge: In the concept of a lot of people, the industry is transferred even if area of the eastpart part mixes backward equipment backward produce can transfer western, depend on subsist of low cost advantage next. Actually otherwise, alive group is new below the big setting that revolution of round of technology comes, company of the eastpart part changes on the west basically is to get larger space to undertake upgrading transition, in order to hold industry commanding elevation.

Had new concept, have new action follow-up necessarily. “ creates a company to introduce equipment, we are taken in Jiang Zhe can be really did not run less. ” fine treasure spins industrial garden gently to be in charge of appoint conference chairman Wang Yucheng tells a reporter, we do “ capital attraction when, it is the leader heads a group personally, with look forward to catenary of action business, industry enrols a variety of forms such as business, attract a project. Have advantage of northwest bearing technology and talent to accumulate by right of Yinchuan, increase the dominant position such as resource of bronze gorge water and electricity, land natural resources, drew the look of enterprise of a batch of rivers, short for Zhejiang Province very quickly.

In the time that is less than two years, fine treasure spins industrial garden gently to have garden company 74, among them car component creates a company 15, cover an area of 2600 mus, always invest 8.1 billion yuan, show 1.218 billion yuan to already completed investment. Involve a domain to include: The car is special bearing, lorry is body of scroll of special bearing, bearing, accurate bearing car reach quench, unit of car gimbal, hub, engine goes up close round, undercarriage of car electrical appliance and electric machinery bearing, Buddhist templeput on the brakes, production bearing is special numerical control machine tool, . 15 bearing industry, had had 8 go into operation. On Feburary 28, 2016, chinese bearing association awards ‘ of bronze gorge city China western ’ of bearing production base. ” river, short for Zhejiang Province a lot of enterprises are not far fall 10 thousand lis child bronze gorge, besides advantage of element of a few hardware, is soft immanent some what thing to return to be favorred?

Limited company of bearing of hub of company of Ningxia humble Si Ke is a business that produces hub unit, general manager regards Fang Mingjun as an entrepreneur, spoke really to the reporter remove the enterprise the reason of bronze gorge. “ moves bronze gorge in us before, had negotiated with Yinchuan economy developing zone actually, but under photograph comparing, natural resources of the policy enrolling business of bronze gorge, land has an advantage more, government also very deal with concrete matters relating to work, the condition that gives us the company is very favourable.

Make us come what bronze gorge develops is main still have 3 reasons, be the space that in south we had not developed. While land restricts us, labour force is not worth badly also. The labour force of the eastpart part basically is to originate Sichuan, Hunan, Hubei. But each district develops rhythm to rise, a lot of people also are not willing to go out worked, cause our industry worker to be not worth badly. 2 be after moving bronze gorge, we decrease considerably in the energy cost in machining a process. In Xiao Shan when, for a time report 9 wool money, arrived bronze gorge for a time report 4 wool 5, xiao Shan 800-900 of a ton of coal yuan, bronze gorge wants 600 yuan only, this gives us managing very big brushstroke produces cost. The 3 advantages that are industrial catenary. Our main raw material is the former steel that Xining spy steel produces. After we move bronze gorge, to them the province issues very big brushstroke to carry cost, so they are aimed at garden area have price privilege.

Producing link field, we entrust Ningxia letter inferior special type steel tube machines special type steel tube for us. Commend limited company of heat treatment of the letter in Ningxia, help us do a product to arrive from rough machining the heat treatment of finish machining link. They are the enterprises in garden area, compare the company outside, carriage cost and price have very large dominant position, have collaboration with us all the time. ”

“ we take know clearly from Xiao Shan 40 technologies backbone, drove the 400 industries worker of this locality. High skill talent is introduced from south even, after all the surroundings of bronze gorge keeps a person not easily. Be aimed at this one circumstance, we and institute of bronze gorge profession signed cooperative agreement, class of two coronals name grooms technically for us skill worker. We bring old machine tool from old plant, can reach industry only 2. New introduced bearing device is home is top-ranking, include numerical control machine tool, automation to assemble those who connect line, nicety to detect equipment, had realized informatization.

At present fixed assets is thrown 203 million, the plan is thrown 315 million. Two workshops that Hangzhou is in before show extend to be 4 workshops, devoted already use 3 workshops, crop achieved 15 million 2016, annual produce increases many current yuan 8000 by many yuan 4000 when Hangzhou. After total investment uses 4 workshops, predict to produce can achieve a year 50 million, 150 million accurate ferrule. Now product 60% export from Tianjin harbor, sell southeasterly inferior, and other places of South America, Europe. The 40% car plants that sell past Jiang Zhe make form a complete set. General manager tells ” Fang Mingjun the reporter.

“ bronze gorge had bearing grain, was equivalent to old industry base inputting new blood. This not only the transition on industry is successful, it is thing ministry produces the success that can transfer more. Jin Yongling of mayor of city of ” bronze gorge sees the auspicious situation of bearing industry can’ts help giving out deep feeling nowadays.

” of cereal of small “ bearing, western ” of “ new blood. Bronze gorge support is backward produce can, high cost can the enterprise has made the history as economic pillar. Bearing cereal and area of garden of fine treasure industry 8 already industry of bearing of put into production, up to 2016 the end of the year, production value predicts to achieve 1.3 billion. Cast entirely to all 2020 project postpartum, will realize gross value of industrial output 9.255 billion.

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