Machine tool enterprises has lost the soul of innovation?

Published on 2019-07-02

A few weeks ago, the public, & other;Disorderly books & throughout;A “tencent without dreams stirred the circle of science and technology of wind and rain.Article said, tencent is in an it thinks the most scientific mode of operation in operating a technology company, has neglected in actual combat a technology enterprise’s core competitiveness should be from the product innovation.As the paper puts it, innovation is the power of the development of science and technology enterprise, innovation is lost, like a lost dream.But if as a world-class technology giant tencent did so, and not to mention other enterprise? & ndash;& ndash;Those eyes staring at the national subsidies, preferential policy of enterprise, those 3 market, the lack of innovation enterprise, the malicious competition, destroy the market the enterprise & ndash;& ndash;If they don’t just didn’t dream, even the soul was lost?And the machine tool industry in our country, whether there are many enterprises have lost the soul of innovation?Remember a machine tool industry veteran who has outraged to say he can see: some machine tool enterprises in order to get a special funds of the country, consultancy, scientific research institutes to jointly, declare and win-win, in fact, their technology is not mature, the project goal is unrealistic, but there is no practical experience of experts in front of a jury, they use vivid language depicts the beautiful outlook, with almost & other;Covered with cheat & throughout;Way to get the money.But as a result, they produce products with their target is almost two things.For example, they said to build a five axis, as a result, they bought a come back from abroad, put one own brand even if their products.Obviously, these companies are not concerned about how to innovate, they are more concerned about at the time of product can’t sell, how to use a new concept to attract social financing, access to bank loans, to get government subsidies.Innovation is to them, more like a slogan, a can help them to create a great image in the heart of the slogan, a flag to help them survive, unmistakably identified.In addition, don’t use it.Nc machine tools in China in 2017 sales revenue grew by 8%, but high-end machine localization rate is only 6% of the poor, including the most high-end machine, spare parts, etc. Products are mostly imported.Some domestic enterprises under the slogan says they have to enter the field of high-end, but in front of the real data of these slogan does not seem to be reflected.The reality is that our manufacturing enterprise XiangDeRi every year large machine tools such as pay high cost of machine tool technology patents of these technologies patent accounted for 40% of the price of machine tool.Imagine, those companies prefer to take the nation’s money & otherPainted flowers & throughout;Enterprise, cried out, innovation is so difficult, while for malicious competition, never willing to steadfastly hard, solve manufacturing right now, so that enterprises to lose the soul have why to distinguish?& other;They do not only hurt yourself and your opponent’s interests, even the upstream and downstream suppliers have also been affected.Throughout the &;A machine tool enterprises management personnel said, & other;Raw material prices quickly in recent years, the profit machine was very low, now you a price war, people were forced to follow you reduce the price, the upstream didn’t earn money, downstream didn’t earn money, opponents with you this collapse, & other;His teammates throughout the &;Also fail to you.Throughout the &;Price war is some few machine tool enterprises can take the trick shots.Because too many competitors, and innovation have been blocking roads, these enterprises have to down the product price, to attract users with lower prices.This is not an option, or should be resisted.Because enterprise is always need to profit, when prices are low to the unprofitable, some enterprises in order to earn money can only work on products, to cut corners, short in weight, shoddy, lower manufacturing costs as much as possible, to make up for the lack of the above price.When the inferior products act as qualified products is rife, destroyed not just your own brand, and other enterprise’s reputation, serious point, is in the domestic machine tool’s signature.In 2017, China’s machine tool industry profit rose 192.6% year-on-year, behind the exaggeration of Numbers and a reality we have to face, industry-wide losses of enterprises still accounted for up to 33.8%.The reason is that the experts given conclusion is that low profit, high cost, make the enterprise in a state of small profit or loss.In fact, machine tool as & other;The mother of industrial & throughout;And in the development of manufacturing industry plays a very important role.Today we see the planes, cars, trains, ships need machine collaboration.Exaggeration to say, machine tool technology determines the lower limit of a country’s manufacturing, also affects the upper limit of manufacturing.But for the moment, some domestic machine tool enterprises impulse to the pursuit of economic interests is much stronger than the development of machine tool technology, the realization of technology innovation.Maybe they ran so fast that the soul behind.So we are looking forward to the machine tool to do bigger and stronger, in fact, there are still a long way to go.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)