Aerospace science and industry issued CMSS cloud manufacturin

Published on 2019-07-02

On June 15, 2018 held in chengdu industry peak of the Internet on the BBS, aerospace science and industry officially released CMSS cloud manufacturing support systems.CMSS Cloud Manufacturing Support System (Cloud Manufacturing Support System), its special industrial APP by independent construction and subscribe to the general industrial APP, form the visual enterprise integration, personalization, the Cloud work environment.According to aerospace controller introduces, through the construction of CMSS, integrated industrial APP, industrial application can integrate the advantage resources, promote the optimized allocation of manufacturing resources, driving the reconstruction of the manufacturing industry chain, to realize the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing.CNSS adopt & other;A brain tank two rooms two station & throughout;Business provide service for the user interface, as a powerful engine on cloud, for the new manufacturing enterprise provide the transformation and upgrading of the era of momentum.& other;A brain & throughout;The enterprise the brain, like a to provide the power source of wisdom for the enterprise survival, this & other;Throughout the brain &;Can provide data for the enterprise of science policy makers and expert system, rule base, knowledge base and other resources and services, to support enterprise strategy control and strategy.& other;A tank & throughout;The cockpit, namely enterprise operation to grasp the course for the enterprise.It provides management enterprise basic data, basic business processes, strategic planning, decision-making plan, key projects, such as knowledge engineering management tools, support the enterprise daily management & other;Regulatory control, helping guide & throughout;.& other;Two rooms & throughout;The cloud business studio and cloud application studio.The former trading as the core, to provide supply chain, marketing center, finance, taxation, leasing barter, logistics, and other functions, improving the efficiency of the enterprise business, to realize the seamless connection and transaction both sides process traceability.The latter take manufacturing as the core, covering the design, manufacture, production, testing and maintenance of 扥 specific process, through the whole process to product lifecycle processes and data, design research and development, production and operation management of effective integration.& other;Two stand & throughout;Is & other;On the enterprise cloud service station & throughout;And & otherSmall micro enterprise service stations throughout the &;, combining two online services sector, depth to meet all kinds of enterprises to participate in the realistic requirement of cloud manufacturing industry cluster ecological construction.Traditional mode, the enterprise operation each link of all types of users usually use multiple suppliers in different locations of a variety of software tools to carry out the work, how to realize the different tools efficient collaboration is a great challenge.& other;A brain tank two rooms two station & throughout;Alone without enterprise deployment of application of the integrated industrial APP function system using the cloud application scene, colleagues support engineering professionals, collaboration, form a complete set of business personnel, enterprise management, enterprise decision-makers four types of user access without being limited by the area of the clouds, the enterprise business management and collaboration.CMSS ecological system used by application providers, party, platform operators of three kinds of roles.Application providers using INDICS resources and services, constantly enrich and perfect the CMSS industrial APP, in the process of promotion, improve service brand, expand the profit channel.Developers, for example, a direct use INDICS to develop new applications, technical services enterprises to machining, welding, the advantages of the denso APP released to CMSS, commercial service enterprise finance, logistics and other advantages will also be released APP to CMSS, provide service for target customers.Applications use the CMSS may be used to quick and easy access to the required industrial APP, solve the innovation of enterprise production operation, the problem such as speed, efficiency, quality, cost, power transformation and upgrading of enterprises.Platform operators use CMSS integrate social resources, form a cluster and scale effect, the coordinated application of supply and demand between the provider and consumer, the channel, resource allocation problem, to form the multilateral cooperation relationship.Online services, for example, service enterprises use CMSS operating tools and management of the product, which can realize service operation and enterprise management, the clouds offline service enterprises with the socialization of CMSS gen, comprehensive certification, trading and payment, and other products, can help users to brand promotion and business opportunities.At present, the aerospace science and industry use of industrial agglomeration by knowledge, enterprise management has already formed the hundreds of industrial APP, integration of third-party thousand industrial APP, covering research and development design, supply procurement, manufacturing, operations management, warehousing, logistics and products and services, and other fields.In accordance with the plan, the next three years, aerospace science and industry will continue to enrich CMSS cloud manufacturing support system, build the APP of international leading industry ecological system, and provide enterprises with rich industrial application and ecological applications, enterprise equipment on cloud, the cloud production line and r&d manufacture and so on each link on the depth of the cloud, really realize the digitized transformation and upgrading.(the original title: aerospace release CMSS cloud manufacturing support systems) (source: China aerospace science and industry group co., LTD.)