China machine tool industry association visited macro laser m

Published on 2018-08-13

On June 12 morning, China machine tool industry association together with six Wang Liming secretary-general under the leadership of the mountain, the macro laser visit investigation.Association leaders have visited the company showroom, high power, low power, pipe cutting automation three production bases, laser processing equipment market situation and the in-depth communication on both sides, for the macro laser products promotion and lean production provides the corresponding Suggestions.On 4.0, 2025, development of key components and intelligent manufacturing in China everybody CARES about the topic in detail communication, common for China’s machine tool industry and a good way to discuss the manufacturing development and ideas.Wang Liming secretary-general on the laser product innovation and enterprise in macro said fully affirmation, the rapid development of the macro laser powerful r&d ability and production capacity, and look forward to the macro mountain laser continue to work hard, in the rapid changes in the industry and the development, continue to make technological innovation and product upgrading, for laser equipment manufacturing industry and even the machinery and equipment industry of China play a greater role.Association of experts to investigate car seats automatic production line of China machine tool industry association, a senior adviser Shao Qin display department, project manager of Marketing Department Zhou Minsen association, association, director of Xie Yun branch secretary-general xiao Ming doesn, association, association nc system display department project director Wang Moyang etc. Also to visit together.(the original title: China’s machine tool industry association visited macro laser) (source: macro laser)