Sandvik coromant “soft hard integration innovation, fac

Published on 2019-07-02

With the continuous development of informatization level, dominated by intelligent manufacturing is on the fourth industrial revolution wave of change, the depth of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing integration is causing production mode change, at the same time for manufacturing & other;Quality, authors, efficiency & throughout;The basic requirement of provides a new path and direction.On May 30, 2018, sandvik coromant CAM leading software Mastercam, hand in hand in langfang sandvik coromant center for more than 40 participants held a already, & other;Soft hard integration innovation, face to face with challenge efficiency & throughout;Technical communication meeting.Two years ago, sandvik coromant first proposed the concept of the omnidirectional turning processing (including omnidirectional turning method, omnidirectional turning tools and programming strategy).Now, many customers have really enjoyed the new cutting method to bring the production efficiency of huge ascension, there are also many users still curious for this special cutting method.In this communication meeting, sandvik coromant turning product specialist WeiZeng detailed interpretation of what is omnidirectional turning, and the design characteristics of omnidirectional turning tools.Mastercam experts Deng Renjiang introduces how to use the 2018 edition of the application of Mastercam omnidirectional turning tool path and the program quickly.And then use the demo has carried on the omni-directional turning live demonstration.In the lecture this afternoon, Mr Deng Renjiang continue to explain to you what is a dynamic process, and the characteristic of the dynamic milling path, and example demonstrates how to use Mastercam software fast dynamic milling path.Sandvik coromant milling product manager sun metal to introduce the concept of CoroMill followed, and in view of the dynamic milling method optimization design of the whole hard milling cutter CoroMill Plura.Subsequent demo presentation also proves that this kind of high efficient processing path of Plura milling cutter under strong metal removal rate.After the factory visit link, the key to introduce you to the round handle tooling and production management of the process, also let everybody for metal-cutting tool in the hands of a production process have true understanding.In the heat rising frequent interaction, the time of day soon in the past.Everyone succession exclamation, modern nc machine tools has not only is in order to eliminate the duplication of effort of the staff, its ability to perform high precision complex path can not only complete complex parts processing, also can balance the various mechanical and thermal load of tool cutting edge, enables the tool to effectively cutting, and extend the service life of cutting tools.Professional CAM software, under the support of the complex cutting tool path is just a few simple operation can be generated.The hard and soft fusion model of innovation, efficiency for all participants to face the challenges provided reference and inspiration.(the original title: sandvik coromant & other;Soft hard integration innovation, face to face with challenge efficiency & throughout;Successfully held the seminars) (source: sandvik coromant)