Chongqing 2 machine ” lathe of C2-360 series numerical

Published on 2019-07-02

On September 7, 2010, chongqing finite liability company assumes works of the 2nd machine toollathe of C2-360 series numerical control ” the expert appraisal that project of innovation of technology of Chongqing city key carried Chongqing city economy and informatization committee organization smoothly. Appraisal meets new product be in Fu Lichuan of deputy director general to chair by Chongqing city economy and informatization committee science and technology, chongqing university makes project institute Professor Liu Fei hold the position of group leader of appraisal expert group. On the meeting, zhang Xirong of secretary of company Party committee suffers what De Yongxian of general manager Liu is born to hold in the palm, represent a company, each leader that to arrive copy second appraisal meets, guest and expert send welcoming speech to reach acknowledge word, zhang Xiaofeng of company chief engineer introduces company and product situation, gao Jian of technical center vice director decides committee etc to lead a report through umbriferous Xiang Jian ” lathe of C2-360 series numerical control ” innovation dot and crucial technology. Appraisal committee listened to a project to develop working technology report, detect use circumstance of funds of report, project and benefit analysis report, user use report, examined relevant technology data, classics inquiry and discuss, think better land completed the company consistently each job that project responsibility book provides and assessment index, the product was used the function is changed and modular the design new concept that combines, used whole to defend structure, besmear installs craft, concentration to lubricate compulsively to wait for technical innovation with bucket structure, make C2-360 numerical control fastens train bed structure more compact, weight resistance of light, motion is less, rose to machine precision and exterior surface roughness significantly, achieved product green environmental protection to ask. Expert group passes discussion evaluation, think consistently ” lathe of series of C2-360 numerical control ” be in domestic congener product advanced level, satisfy the postulate of new product of form of Chongqing city town, agree to pass new product appraisal.