Tens of year be like post of bed of firm guard’s van

Published on 2019-07-02

On April 6 in the evening, gigantic masked equipment makes Zhejiang in limited company workshop, a master is being worn defend lens, attentive before the machine tool burnish is worn spare parts, the same night works overtime in… he is province of countrywide model worker, Zhejiang chief technician Xie Youqing. Although already was become gigantic change unmanned insensible ” lathe work king ” , enjoy the State Council special allowance, still be elected for the Communist Party of China 18 big delegates, but he still stands fast in workshop forefront. Lathe work king ” Xie YouqingThe Xie Youqing that was born 1961, it is gigantic turn group worker children, also be to thoroughfare city person common says ” influence 2 generation ” . 1982, thoroughfare state city vestibule school graduation, xie Youqing put on huge chemical industry to make take, enter the machinery plant job at that time. When apprentice during, xie Youqing drills frequently technology, “When just facing lathe, do to transfer round horn, I have to spend on 30 minutes, the master should divide a bell only! Machine a flange, they need half many hour only, I have to between half climate. ” Xie Youqing says, “Thenceforth rises, my firmly remembered a word, becoming a skilled worker is to want dedicated, diligent to add study! Becoming a skilled worker is to want dedicated, diligent to add study!!    Course study, xie Youqing mastered tens of planting slowly the operation skill of model lathe, the turning of the difficult treatment such as perfectness and long and thin axis, crankshaft, deep aperture, Bao Bi, casing and complex body spare parts… he also is versed in from an adroitness, became a master worker, became a team leader, depend on the spirit of fine carve of the competence with excellent a suit and carve of essence of life, grow for gigantic change Great Master of group mastery of a skill or technique.    The branch is assuming the equipment that Xie Youqing is in to be gigantic change chemical equipment to undertake big, medium the important task that writes a service. What produce because of chemical industry is successional, big in treatment of long spare parts often is urgent document. To complete urgent document treatment in time, xie Youqing often needs take turns of bed of big, medium, car to work, often work all night. Although class of market country, province, city is multinomial honorary at a suit, the Xie Youqing in the job still meticulous, he in the life as before low-key modest and. Xie Youqing says, the worker is hard business is become in a gleam of, a lot of person midway abandon, but he still is standing fast the lathe post that oneself are good at, also will stand still on this post last hillock.