Strengthen two sides to cooperate to close to the machine too

Published on 2018-08-13

On April 2, 2014, association of relation of members of standing committee of countrywide the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, two sides of the Taiwan Straits (association of sea of the following abbreviation) chairman Chen Deming heads for Chinese current technology (group) control a finite liability company subordinate survey of institute of enterprise Beijing machine tool. Station of Electromechanical of Yang Liuchang of sea association secretary-general, Department of Commerce and Zhang Yucheng of vice director of department of estate of science and technology, nation does the concerned leader such as Yuan Ye of section chief of Bureau of Economics to follow row, chinese current technology (group) accuse a vise general manager of finite liability company Wang Xiaolin of benefit of Li Gong of course of study of Liu Bing of director of institute of machine tool of Wang Bin, Beijing, assistant director, assistant director undertook reception. Institute of Beijing machine tool is founded 1956, it is one of scientific research orgnaizations with the famousest industry of Chinese machine tool, one what once created industry of several China machine tool, developed a lot of outstanding person with abilities for the industry. 1999, institute of Beijing machine tool turns make for the enterprise, and 2012 by Chinese current technology (group) accuse a finite liability company to bring into general. At present institute of Beijing machine tool basically is engaged in efficient nicety establishing lathe of numerical control of horizontal machining center, high accuracy, exceed machine tool of rigid numerical control and private plane, non-traditional machine tool (equipment of machine tool of treatment of numerical control report, accurate laser beam machining) , crucial function component (ball guide screw deputy etc) , equipment of accurate test instrument, pneumatic, high spirit, high speed, efficient the main technique characteristic that the technology that changes with intelligence and product are institute of Beijing machine tool, be in accept rice class is in lead position in processing technique research. Old chairman visited labour of Beijing of company of subordinate of institute of Beijing machine tool to grind Inc. of machine of essence of life, the classical product that Liu Bing’s industry director introduced institute of Beijing machine tool on the spot for guest and ongoing technical task. In visiting process, old chairman raised a lot of more professional questions, right a few crucial technologies of institute of Beijing machine tool expressed affirmation. Wang Bin vise general manager introduced institute of Beijing machine tool to mix Chinese current technology to old chairman (group) the setting circumstance that controls a finite liability company, he says in the technical actual strength that knew a group to take a fancy to institute of Beijing machine tool just about and the consequence in machine tool industry, those who believe institute of Beijing machine tool add initiate to rise to urge action goodly in the development of manufacturing industry domain to the group. Liu director says, in recent years Beijing machine tool considers to be in the deep technology base that accumulates for years to go up to begin the work actively, besides contract to do a job national science and technology is special the research that has technology of a few general character and high-end technology, also began multinomial communicate collaboration external, undertake with Japanese FANUC company for example annual technical communication activity, strap Huopusen with British TaylorHobson(peaceful) company cooperation established institute of Beijing machine tool – TaylorHobson combines a lab, hold cross-strait machine tool standard and detect technical communication is met etc. The near future, institute of Beijing machine tool still nots Yu Deguo Lang Huofu academy undertakes more thorough technology cooperates. The purpose of old chairman visit basically is to discuss the possibility of institute of Beijing machine tool and cooperation of company of Taiwan machine tool, the collaboration that is the two sides of the Taiwan Straits builds bridge. Because this is after visiting end, the one pedestrian such as old chairman had more thorough communication have an informal discussion with personnel of institute of Beijing machine tool again. Old chairman had key introduction to the circumstance of industry of Taiwan machine tool, carry the long-term work of sea association, the technical communication between the mainland and Taiwan area is advanced further. Old chairman points out, the partial cooperation of enterprise of such mainland machine tool and Taiwan company in technical respect has institute of similar Beijing machine tool more more convenience than sea association condition, because institute of this Beijing machine tool needs to seek the cooperative opportunity with Taiwan actively, the tripartite that can undertake the mainland, Taiwan and abroad even cooperates. Liu Bing’s industry director expresses, institute of Beijing machine tool can continue hard, on the base of international communication collaboration that keeps existing, this survey that carries old chairman is directive, future will seek cooperative opportunity of the two sides of the Taiwan Straits further, of industry of machine tool of collective stimulative China revitalize.