A group of planes of essence of life gets together achievement collides -- 2018 without Xi Taihu international machine tool is exhibited be about to kick off

Published on 2019-07-02

In March 2018 28-31 day, too lake international machine tool exhibits the attitude that will exhibit business, record-breaking nearly 60 thousand square metre with many 500, the purchases group and whole nation to save area city nearly 50 thousand person each major that carries nearly 20 states buys the home, open 5 big characteristic to exhibit an area, what present a metal to machine a domain with the perspective of internationalization is all-around equipment and technical product, the trade that offers professional length and breadth of land for colleague of industry of global machine tool communicates platform, machine the demand of the market to satisfy Hua Dong machine only.

Through development of more than 10 years, demand of market of treatment of numerous, production does not have natural resources of platform major, client bulkily international machine tool exhibits Xi Taihu to had developed become long triangle area professional strong, show equipment the high end, machine tool that has force extremely industry distinguished gathering, made the first selection of trade arrange with of guest of domestic numerous manufacturer and media trade association.

As connect exclusively without stannum add grand meeting of 32 mass production equipment, too lake international machine tool is exhibited is an exhibition no matter the equipment and technical product, amount that postpone business and professional degree, still exhibit meeting dimensions and attention to spend, have very tall advantage.

What be in Hua Dong area as a result of its is famous spend and buy domestic resource base tremendously, in without Xi Taihu international reads extensively what the center holds is current exhibit meeting general assemble the intelligence of the domain inside the industry is changed, the innovation achievement of digitlization, informatization, will greet international tycoon large-scale high-key appear, be like: American Ha Si, Korea is contemporary power inferior, Korea fights card of library of hill, Germany, Germany friend of ACE of Cai Si, India, Taiwan fine, Taiwan Great Harmony rivers bend greatly, Taiwan Qiao Wai is entered, stage of Taiwan heart horse, Taiwan group.

As we have learned, without stannic machinist estate development obtained more favorable result 2017, data shows, 1-9 month is versed in without stannic machinery course of study comes true advocate business Wu income 444.2 billion yuan, profit total 29.08 billion yuan, machinist owner wants benefit index to present the state of up-and-up.

Accordingly, up to now each when the audience registers data to already exceeded in former years beforehand, add numerous heavyweight company already affirmatory also ginseng is exhibited, believe this second exhibit can regular meeting to exhibit business and audience to bring more satisfactory communication and collaboration to broad ginseng.

In addition, the corresponding period holds exhibit can still intelligent factory automation and robot are exhibited. Current intelligent chemical plant is not simple automation any more, be tried to control out and out however by content couplet net, through real time manufacturing monitoring program will ensure the success of pull current Cheng.

The pace that for follow closely industry 4 timeses change, satisfy the requirement of market diversity, exhibit meeting general to organize high-end intelligence to make ginseng of manufacturer of equipment and solution of intelligent factory whole exhibit. Among them, robot of German library card took the form that objective substance trends demonstrates first, for manufacturing industry the audience of each domain shows automation product line, for the enterprise workshop of development automation, digitlization and intelligent factory provide example, roll out intelligent factory custom-built business, offer solution of factory of whole system intelligence for the user.

Without Xi Taihu the machine tool postpones all previous development via 16 years, already made one of important exhibitions of the industry now, every year also can a few new high grade brands are attracted, through be being evaluated of the effect for years to exhibiting meeting whole, having Xi Taihu machine tool every year to exhibit is to exhibit what business takes seriously most to appear each.

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