Zhao Guohui of Shenyang machine tool: Compose builds 5D intelligence to make new student appearance

Published on 2019-07-02

On May 17, during be worth world telecommunication and information day, congress of modes of life and relation to their environment of industry of network of couplet of 2018 China content is held in Beijing. This congress gives priority to a problem with condition of new link, new student, new tomorrow, the crucial task zoology of development of network of current substance couplet builds focusing, problem of analytic current situation, attention, feel pulse crucial, discovery method, stimulative collaboration, drive construction to breed modes of life and relation to their environment of benign industry of content couplet network.

Industrial Internet is held to advance forum to go up afternoon, shenyang machine tool (Buddhist nun of 000410) Shanghai actor this Zhao Guohui indicates chief inspector of project of industrial service limited company, already arrived in economy of traditional now business at, intelligence of each country race to control makes the trend of the upland fall, shenyang machine tool regards the world as manufacturer of machine tool of the biggest dimensions, to comply with this trend, compose built the intelligence that is based on I5 system to make new student appearance.

Germany offers industry 4, the United States puts forward industrial Internet, china puts forward China to make 2025. Japan puts forward super society 5, its essence and core are intelligence is made, intelligence is made had become world each country to contend for the upland that grab.

Zhao Guohui expresses, we achieved technical breakthrough first 2012, own research and development gives I5 intelligence to change motion to control a technology, be seleted 10 big excellent case of China first on behalf of traditional industry. And was based on I5 system to be born WiS of system of management of workshop of I5 intelligence machine tool, intelligence, release two platform with outward 2017 bound, one is those who face intelligence to make is open share platform 5D to make, the intelligence that is based on situation and industry is made share platform faces industrial domain motion to control I5OS of platform of open intelligence system with another, make generator does not get time and the platform of former zoology tool that the space restricts.

Current IT advance rapidly, traditional industry must undertake transition develops. In message and consumptive level, changed deeply the person and person, person and content, interactive means with resource. ecbolic in such as Baidu, A, drop drop, Tecent, wait for such tycoon enterprise. But IT never undertakes deepness confluence with manufacturing industry, production process, and the birth of I5, make the machine tool had natural Internet gene, will connect interconnection through the each other between person and process and person and machine, machine, ecbolic new producer form and relations of production.

Zhao Guohui expresses, condition of I5 intelligence new student forms by 6 large service centers and intelligent factory: It is OK that I5 intelligence makes experience center newest to I5 technology, product undertakes with the experience; intelligence detects revealing the enterprise that the center can be intelligence make cereal, and the research that area periphery enterprise has detecting serving research and development of; region industry the center basically undertakes machining craft and optimize, what at the same time downstream industry catenary undertakes is based on data of the auxiliary equipment of user demand, industry on conformity is custom-built change a service, offer seed profit management to seek advice at the same time wait for cloud of big data of close-fitting service; the service center offers big data to put in market analysis ‘s charge in real time, time-sharing business accounting, this makes of each square partner value share immediately become a possibility; reproducing center basically undertakes I5 displacement, with old change new, with old change wait for business again, make intelligence makes shaping groom into solid example of closed circuit; center, integrate the education system of school of local high post, still can build the institute that be like I5 to wait at the same time, form the system of education research and development that school look forward to cooperates, the key develops I5 person with ability, breed innovation to do poineering work model talent.

It is reported, shenyang machine tool is core with I5 intelligence machine tool, intelligent plant was built in the whole nation 2016, equip through I5 intelligence, of system of management of WIS intelligence workshop and cloud of stage of ISESOL Yun Ping, net, end organic and compositive, realized equipment technology intelligence to change, intelligence of pull current Cheng is changed, order government intelligence is changed reach service mode intelligence to change, intelligence of help enterprise implementation is made upgrade.

Zhao Guohui expresses, of this zoology live and develop technology of need I5 intelligence to do prop up, so what is key of platform of Internet of intelligent production industry? It is ecbolic core is equipment, final division of labor is substaintial, will final division of labor overturned, everybody can be the boss of zoology fractionize domain, we provide poineering platform of this kind of innovation, make this platform the tool that makes client service, implementation wisdom is shared.