Shanghai manufacturing industry is added fast achieve 5 years of new tall transition to upgrade show at the beginning of effect

Published on 2019-07-02

The distance is released " transition of Shanghai manufacturing industry upgrades “ 935 ” plan " (next weighing “ " program " ”) is firm full a year, shanghai had obtained preliminary positive result on manufacturing industry.

The statistical result that the near future announces shows, 2017 first half of the year, gross value of industrial output of above of the dimensions of Shanghai whole town that finish one thousand six hundred and one billion three hundred and thirty million yuan, than going up growth of year of the corresponding period 8.2% , came true the corresponding period is highest since 2012 add fast.

No matter be key industry,still be strategical burgeoning industry is made in active position intelligence. Zhen Hua heavy industry, on fly make, the sea establishs share to waited to have initial attempt or thorough make a thorough inquiry in domain of information system and industrial automation.

As we have learned, production product line basically depends on the intelligence that Zhen Hua is versed in again be being replaced with machinery artificial, change information system through intelligence, realize seed profit production, raise a factory to run efficiency. Among them, crossbeam robot welder made a station introduce belt move the cantilever robot that carries an orgnaization, can use parameter to change process designing technology fast process designing, implementation is flexible turn production, vertical position welding dogs the technology also can rise solder quality.

Zhen Hua is versed in Wang Zhaorong of craft department general manager introduces again, because section interior solders environment abominable, space is cramped, the problem such as soot, arc, high temperature is serious, and big, quality differs burnish workload, introduce a robot to solder so workstation is very necessary.

Fly on making is China the plane general assembly below Shang Feiqi makes a center. Current, base has 5 automation of C919 to assemble product line, introduced device of many numerical control, built digitlization technology design, make executive system (system of MES) , PDM (IDEAL platform) , our country plane promoted to assemble on whole, the automation standard that the spare parts makes.

Compressor makes company of great capacity established share to began automation to explore 2007, initial stage recommended car of industrial robot, RGV and bar code government, the system that undertook much breed much batch produces pattern discharges Cheng. 2011, the company undertook large-scale industry robot connects a line, the bottom built digital chemical plant basically 2015.

Overall and character, intelligence made layout improve the manufacturing efficiency of the enterprise, reduced the manufacturing cost of the enterprise on certain level. Establish share to be with the sea exemple, after devoted industry robot, the manufacturing base that its are located in Shanghai is in 10 years manufacturing cost was reduced 7 into.

Nevertheless, this just begins, still go with ” of true “ intelligence factory very far. Zhen Hua weighs labour to say frankly, the production means that at present company place uses still basically is solder artificially.

Production science and technology flies to manage a relevant personage to also express to the reporter on, just have “ partly currently the characteristic of local intelligence production ” , spare parts treatment, structure is assembled, general assembly test, examine measure a large number of handiwork still exist to operate link in waiting for a process, in intelligent technology canal of birth of design, intelligence accuses, intelligent other people sheds a respect still not ” of “ get through, that is to say, 5 produce a line to go alone, did not form closed circuit.

In the program that establishs share in the sea, true intelligence makes a system want to realize a product to carry management of unifinication of end whole process, carry out to the sale from client demand namely, full implementation digitlization, visible, cross region manage as a whole. Cost of be enslaved to be enslaved to is controlled, the company can come true at present most small lot production is 300 / second, but the target should achieve 50 / second.

As the integral get warm again after a cold spell of manufacturing industry, the productivity that Shanghai boosts actively served course of study to also enter development drive, become manufacturing industry transition to upgrade the fundamental strength with economic structural adjustment.

Productivity service line of business is to point to the industry that provides safeguard service for manufacturing industry, enterprise of manufacturing industry of its leech on to and exist, perforative the advanced position that produces at the enterprise, middle reaches and downstream in all link, basically be main investment to taste with manpower capital and intellectual capital.

Release according to national statistic bureau ” productivity service line of business is classified (2015) ” , line of business of service of our country productivity shares 10 kinds big, include: Data processing and intellectual property and design of research and development and other technology service, relevant law service, storage service.