Now speak smart manufacturing traditional machine tools will be eliminated?

Published on 2019-07-02

All said & other;The Yangtze river after the waves steady & throughout;, along with the intelligent manufacturing is popular, more and more automated equipment have sprung up.Now seems to have been on the market can not see the figure of traditional machine tool, basic is replaced by a numerical control machine tool, a lot of traditional machine tool has been entering the museum, or become a kind of symbolic objects.As time keep running gear, traditional machine tool can be completely eliminated in the future?Machine tool development history for hundreds of years ago, in a time of replacing the old, there is growing machine tool is eliminated by The Times.Until today, however, there are some traditional machine tool in many plant.I have asked many companies when visiting machine tool enterprises, why still use traditional machine tool, head out answer is roughly as follows: a, traditional machine tool cheap for enterprises, control the production cost is extremely important.Many traditional machine tool lathe, in particular, the same power, numerical control lathe light purchase expense a is several times more expensive than ordinary lathe, maintenance, repair, in the late supporting material is also much more fees.Although the nc machine tools is increasingly replacing traditional machine tool, but the advantage of traditional machine tool are cheaper or can’t be replaced, so in the short term is difficult to completely eliminate the traditional machine tool.Second, the traditional machine is more suitable for small-scale processing and secondary changes in parts need some parts with small batch production, the advantage of traditional machine tool will show up.Most of the skilled workers only need to see drawings of the parts, can through the traditional machine tool parts processing, can be said to be & other;Throughout a deathbed general principles of the orifices flux &;.Now machine tool users more like & other;Customized & throughout;The word, it also puts forward higher requirements on machine tool manufacturers.In the production of this kind of machine tool, because the parts are customized products, need a lot of workers to the secondary processing of parts modified, if at this time to go with the CNC machine programming, would be a waste of time and effort.Many return directly through simple processing, traditional machine tool parts can be used, this is one of the main reasons for many manufacturers retain the traditional machine tool.Three, numerical control programming staff salary high, difficult to recruit talents compared with plenty of automation equipment and laser equipment, the advantages of traditional machine tool only need manual operation is still a lot of support by return.Because not every worker, programming for enterprise controller, CNC programmers often need higher wages, and many kinds of CNC system, hard to find a master the nc machine tool operator obviously is higher than workers looking for a traditional machine tool.Four today, enterprise investment cost even though the numerical control machine tool is increasingly popular, but for enterprises, to invest a lot of money to batch replacement equipment will tend to cause the enterprise a lot of pressure.Considering the enterprise capital turnover, the problem such as equipment reasonable use, most enterprises will gradually replace the nc equipment choice, so many enterprises in the workshop are also use the traditional machine tool parts processing.To sum up, you can see that although now intelligent manufacturing has become the trend of manufacturing industry development, but in the case of intelligent equipment popularization, the traditional machine still has the advantage of a hurry.The author thinks that, with the CNC machine intelligent degree after rising, the traditional machine tool could be replace large area, but to be completely eliminated, for now is not feasible.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)