Focus CCMT inventory industry development trend

Published on 2019-07-02

Today is the third day. Conducted CCMTTime is short but through participation make a lot of people have a more clear understanding to the industry development.Show some industry bosses speech also gave the audience left a deep impression.Small make up today is to take stock, CCMT above can’t miss the classic view on the development of the industry.About the machine tool industry development about the machine tool industry development, must carry China machine tool industry association, deputy director of long hair in front at the opening ceremony of the speech.To MAO feng detailed in a speech in 2017 machine tool sales and import and export of data, and points out that at present China’s consumer market present & other machine tools;Total stabilization, structure upgrade & throughout;New features of the future will be moderate growth trends.This view is very fit machine tool industry development situation at present.Since 2016, the machine tool industry gradually recover, machine tool market became active.However, this does not mean that the machine tool enterprises keep pace can multiply by the development of dongfeng, & other;Structure upgrade & throughout;That enterprises need to seize the key.Machine tool enterprises want & other;Take up & throughout;Be sure to be in, & other;Advanced & throughout;And the market demand two aspects.China machine tool industry association, chairman of the duty Long Xingyuan machine tool manufacturing industry in 2018 CEO also pointed out that: in the international BBS & other;Industry development to go the way of customization, customization, limited scale;Need to highly focus on new materials, new technology to the impact of the industry and opportunities;Need help from the digital, network and intelligent, grasping the development of new opportunities.Throughout the &;About mold industry development on April 10, in the afternoon at the scene of the CCMT2018 exhibition, China mold and die industry association held a forum.Conference on mold mold equipment and mold industry market situation and the future development direction and the demand for equipment such as discussed a few questions.Die association secretary-general Qin Ke thinks, our country has become a major country of mould manufacturing and consumption, set up mould manufacturing system, show the trend of the steady development and upgrading.After 30 years of development, China mold and die industry’s achievement has attracted worldwide attention.But we also need to see, at present our country mold is still lacking in high precision, intelligence, still need to strengthen innovation ability.Qin Ke expressed support to the development of mould industry in our country and affirmation, and points out that products will continue to develop in the direction of large-scale, precision, high performance and integration.Refinement, automation, informatization, integration, network, intelligence will also be a company to quality, and the efficiency of the accelerator.On machine tool technology development the amount and total CCMT exhibits all the successive CCMT.CCMT according to exhibitors exhibits characteristics, concise for the digital manufacturing, integrated manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and special machine tools read the big four.The characteristics of the machine tool exhibition show, in fact, it is the developing direction of machine tool technology.Digital manufacturing is a necessary choice to face the future global manufacturing, machine tool to digital development is the trend of The Times.The integrated manufacturing is one of the ways to get high efficiency, high performance products, machine tool to & other;Advanced & throughout;In the process of entering, integrated technology is bound to be a large number of applications.Intelligent machine, special machine tool that is becoming more and more need by manufacturing enterprises.As you can see, the digital, integration, digital, has become the trend of the development of the machine tool industry in the future, and machine tool enterprises should innovate technology, is bound to four aspects in this effort.Through the exhibition industry development, the highest state of small make up think this is fair.The above mentioned industry development trend you see out?The CCMT has two days ended, and welcome message and small make up communication exhibition experience.(resources, China news, China machine tool industry association, by this small make up finishing) (provided by China’s machine tool business, this paper use this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)