Shenyang machine tool guo-hui zhao: to build new ecological 5 d intelligent manufacturing

Published on 2019-07-02

On May 17th, value world telecommunication and information, 2018 China’s Internet industry ecological conference held in Beijing.The meeting with & other;New connections, new ecological, new future & throughout;As the theme, focusing on key topics in the current Internet of things development & other;Ecological construction & throughout;, analyze the present situation, the concerned problems, pulse key, the path, and promote cooperation, promote ecological construction to foster healthy Internet of things industry.Held in the afternoon on industrial Internet BBS, shenyang machine tool (000410), nice industrial service co., LTD., Shanghai optimal project director guo-hui zhao said that in the traditional economy has now to the end, all countries take the trend of intelligent manufacturing highlands, shenyang machine tool as the world’s first large-scale machine tool manufacturers, in order to adapt to this trend, to build a new ecological based on i5 system of intelligent manufacturing.German industrial 4.0 is put forward, the United States put forward the Internet industry, China made in China, 2025.Japan 5.0 super society, its essence and core is intelligent manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing has become the world’s countries jostle for highland.Guo-hui zhao said, we realize technological breakthrough for the first time in 2012, independently developed the i5 intelligent motion control technology, on behalf of the traditional industry of China, making his first appearance on the ten outstanding cases.And based on the i5 system was born i5 intelligent machine tools, intelligent WiS shop management system, and to the outside world in 2017 released two platforms, one is for open sharing platform of intelligent manufacturing 5 d manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing sharing platform based on geographic location and industry and another for industry platform i5OS open intelligent motor control system, make the producers is not restricted by time and space of the original tool platform.In today’s information technology by leaps and bounds, must transform traditional industry development.At the news and consumption level, the profound changes from person to person, people and things, to interact with resources.Has given rise to such as baidu, ali, drops, tencent, such as giant enterprises.But information technology never deeply integrated with manufacturing, manufacturing process, and the birth of the i5, make machine tool has the natural gene, the Internet will be sent to you by man and machine, between people and process and machine of each other, create new mode of production and production relations.Guo-hui zhao said that the i5 smart new ecosystem made up of six service center and intelligent factory: i5 intelligent manufacturing experience center to show the i5 the latest technology, products and experience;Intelligent inspection center to check in intelligent manufacturing valley, as well as the area surrounding enterprise testing services;Regional industry research and development center is a major processing technology research and optimization, and integration of upstream and downstream industry chain for auxiliary equipment based on user needs, customized services of industrial materials, lean management consulting providing personal service at the same time;Big data cloud service center to provide real-time data collection analysis, time-sharing accounting, which makes the parties share possible instant value partners;I5 replacement, remanufacturing center mainly conducted to old change new, to change wait business, make intelligent manufacturing form a closed loop;Practice training center, the combination of local higher vocational colleges teaching system, at the same time can also build such as i5 college, the formation of university-enterprise cooperation teaching research and development system, cultivating i5 talents, cultivating innovative entrepreneurial talent., shenyang machine tool i5 intelligent machine tools as the core, in the factory established in 2016 in the national intelligence, through the i5 intelligent equipment, WIS intelligent workshop management system and the iSESOL cloud platform, mesh, the organic integration of cloud, realizes the intelligent equipment technology, intelligent production processes, the order management intellectualization and intelligent service mode, help enterprises to realize intelligent manufacturing upgrade.Guo-hui zhao said that the survival and development of the ecological i5 intelligence needed to support, so what is the Internet platform key intelligent manufacturing industry?It is creating the core equipment, the final division of labor is the essence, the division of Labour will eventually toppled, everyone can be the ecological niche of the boss, we provide the platform for innovation, establish the platform become customer service tools, realizing the sharing of wisdom.It is reported, the shenyang machine tool in jiangsu, hubei, zhejiang, anhui and other places 5 d manufacturing project layout, including henan xinxiang, zibo in shandong province and so on 5 d manufacturing project in the second half of 2018 factory.The ecological project has a unique geographical and industrial depression effect, can promote transformation and upgrading of regional manufacturing industry as a whole.Guo-hui zhao finally said, we often say that productivity change production relations, shenyang machine tool optimal nice new business model, will reverse the production relations in the modern manufacturing industry, power industry, the Internet platform for ecological construction, the future optimal loch will intelligent machine tools as the core, the intelligent plant as the carrier, depending on the technology of 5 d with modern service industry as the way to boost regional industrial intelligent manufacturing upgrade, mass entrepreneurial innovation, build a new ecological intelligent manufacturing.The conference by the China electronic information industry development institute and the China’s Internet industry ecological alliance host, by the research center for information technology in communication industry newspaper, sadie, a think-tank, ccid consulting co., LTD., sadie era of science and technology co., LTD., jointly organized by China software testing center, etc.(the original title: shenyang machine tool guo-hui zhao: building 5 d intelligent manufacturing new ecological) (source: flush)