Tianjin on machine tool released annual report Division of the income of 5.231 billion yen

Published on 2019-07-02

Released recently, the tianjin machine on Japan on China, tianjin branch of controlling shareholders as of 31 March 2018 annual results, realize the net sales of about 39.227 billion yen, rose about 46.66%;Division of income, 5.231 billion yen, rose about 78.05%.We have learned, on machine tools (China) is a Japanese jin jin company in China’s major subsidiaries, parent company listed on the Tokyo stock exchange.The company products are mainly divided into: precision slitting go trying (tianjin), precision automatic (tianjin), precision rolling machine and high precision machining center four categories, products are popular in the industry.Tianjin on machine tool as the foreign capital enterprise in China builds factory, last year, the company development in China is so smooth, so to speak.Small make up notice, at the beginning of this year, tianjin machine is reported on a company’s performance.According to tianjin on machine tool, according to news released by the end of 2017, the company controlling shareholder, Japan on China, tianjin branch earned 3.681 billion yen, up 83%.Combined with just released annual report on the machine tool, tianjin, tianjin on machine tools in the first quarter of 2018 earnings is very considerable.Why jin on machine tools in China can achieve so good grades?Small make up for the following reasons.The first point, the Chinese machine tool market recovery.Thanks to the development of Chinese manufacturing, strong downstream of the machine tool industry, the machine tool industry leading role is obvious.In 2017, the Chinese machine tool industry profit up 192.6% from a year earlier, the metal processing machine tool profit is up 579.7% from a year earlier.In this case, the machine tool in China builds factory of tianjin profits rising it is not surprising.The second point, precise positioning of enterprises.Tianjin machine tools in China, in addition to its own product quality, best-selling its corporate positioning is also good for the Chinese market.As the lathe products, is currently in the domestic market is very popular.Tianjin on the machine itself is very bullish on the Chinese market, not only in early China builds factory, close to the Chinese market demand, the recent but also expand the scale of the enterprise, in China’s anhui province maanshan bo hope area set up wholly-owned subsidiary.If all goes well, believe in tianjin on machine tools in China will have more.Third, sino-japanese trade in a stable condition.In & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Put forward after, China’s manufacturing industry has developed rapidly, the demand for machine tools, especially high-end also rose.As old machine tool manufacturing power in Japan, and China and neighboring geographical advantage, the two sides closer cooperation in the field of machine tools, also for the machine tool enterprises, especially the Japanese machine tool enterprises in China to create a good environment.China machine tool market not only bring more opportunities for foreign companies, have also brought Chinese machine tool enterprises development opportunity.Believe in the machine tool industry overall development to the good environment, there will be more machine foreign companies into the Chinese market, there will be more Chinese machine tool enterprises prominence, for the development of Chinese manufacturing power.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)